Early spring fishing “fishing buddy explosion protect your air force”?Don’t blame it on a bad fishing position. It could be bait

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From the beginning of spring has passed more than ten days, I believe that many anglers have gone out to try the mouth, that for fishing “record” how?As far as I know, some fishermen say the catch is very good, while others say it is often air.While fishing in the same place, your angler friends will protect you from the air force. Why is this?Although it is spring now, but the weather is relatively low temperature, go fishing, in addition to the weather to choose good, bait, fishing position is also a top priority, especially bait.Why is bait so important?Novice xiao Bai may not know much about bait, but old anglers know that the bait used is also different due to different seasons, weather and temperature differences throughout the year. The use of bait directly affects your catch.When the weather is warm, the bait is not required too much, but for winter and early spring, the bait is very important. The fish mouth is poor in low temperature. If the bait taste is not enough, the fish will not open its mouth at all, let alone burst the protection, and it is difficult to catch fish.Therefore, it is very important to choose bait when fishing in early spring.The second is the choice of fishing position.The choice of fishing position can also directly affect the catch, but many people ascribe the failure of catching fish to the reason that the fishing position is not good. In fact, the fishing position is only a small part of the reason, and the bait is the most important.A good fishing position and good bait, is the key factor of explosion protection, is indispensable.So how to choose on the fishing position?Early spring for fishing, in the fishing position, we should choose lush water grass, around the fish will be more.It is the depth of water next, low temperature catches deep water, high temperature catches shallow water, do not suit to catch too shallow water area now nevertheless, moderate can.Of course, whether the fishing position is sheltered from the wind also plays a great role, if the fishing position is windy, the water temperature will be greatly affected, the temperature difference, the opening difference of the fish.But if you choose a lee fishing position, the water temperature will be more stable, then it is very conducive to the opening of the fish, the probability of burst protection will naturally increase.How to mix bait in early spring?In fact, the temperature in spring is not much different from that in winter. The temperature is low, so the bait should be thick and fishy. Fish don’t want to open their mouth, so we need to find what the fish like to eat and send the food to their mouths.When opening the bait, you can add 3ml of bait bait, such as: blue crucian carp, quick attack, 918 and so on, can be used with a strong broad spectrum, suitable for most freshwater fish, especially crucian carp, carp.The lure of the heart is the market dares to mark the real material bait, and quality inspection report materials by hunan Linuo detection company.It is added with a strong attraction to fish hormone, it is extracted from fish hormones, can make fish gather faster, stimulate its opening, increase fish activity.Plus DMPT, can make the fish have a crazy impulse to eat, quickly to hunger, bite frequency is extremely fast.The lure is suitable for all seasons and plays a universal role in the common freshwater fish. When bait is added to it, the fish will definitely catch more than anglers.Is it a good day for fishing in early spring?See a lot of anglers in the message area are discussing, early spring sunny fish mouth will be good?Is it good to go fishing?Sunny days are also divided into several different sunny days.For example, on a sunny day after a strong wind, it is not suitable to go out for fishing. After a strong wind, the temperature will drop, the water temperature will be low, and the fish mouth will be poor.In addition is the rain, snow after the sunny, fish mouth is not very good, rain, snow, there will be different degrees of cooling, fish mouth is not very good.What kind of sunny days are good for fishing?The answer is: sunny days.For several days, the temperature is relatively stable, the sun is very good, cloudless, then we can go out for fishing, 80% of the probability will burst protection, a few days of sunny days, the temperature is stable, the activity of the fish is enhanced, at this time for fishing, fish fast.