Daily Price Analysis of Main Consumer Goods of Binzhou Residents (February 7)

2022-04-24 0 By

China Development network February 7, The main consumer goods market in Binzhou city, Shandong province, abundant supply, rich varieties, the price of the overall steady rise.Prices of grain, oil and non-staple foods, beef, mutton and eggs were relatively stable. Prices of pork and vegetables fell, while fruit prices mainly rose.Grain and edible non-staple food prices were relatively stable.Grain and oil non-staple food supplies are sufficient and prices are stable.Monitoring shows: the average price of ordinary rice 3.60 yuan/catty, special powder 2.3 yuan/catty, standard powder 2.04 yuan/catty, and yesterday the same price.Luhua peanut oil averaged 157.41 yuan /5 litre, soybean oil 55.92 yuan /5 litre, and longlife flower corn oil 79.9 yuan /5 litre, with relatively stable prices.Mengniu (bagged) fresh milk 2.46 yuan/bag, the price is stable.Pork prices fell, while beef and mutton prices remained stable.Pork: lean meat average 16.23 yuan/catty, pork belly average 14.95 yuan/catty, hind leg meat average 14.32 yuan/catty, compared with yesterday’s price dropped 1.76%, 4.96%, 1.38%.The average price of spareribs was $20.03 / catty, unchanged from yesterday.Beef and mutton: fresh beef average 44.23 yuan/catty, fresh mutton average 52.88 yuan/catty, stable price than yesterday.Egg prices are down.Eggs averaged 4.89 yuan/jin, 0.43% lower than yesterday’s price.Vegetable prices are down.Major supermarkets rich in vegetable varieties, stable supply, each variety of ups and downs, the overall price decline.The 19 kinds of vegetables monitored decreased 13 and increased 6, with the average price of 4.14 yuan/jin, 6.37% lower than yesterday.Among them: the larger drop of 3 vegetables cucumber 4.58 yuan/catty, eggplant 3.88 yuan/catty, tomato 5.71 yuan/catty, compared with yesterday’s price drop 22.23%, 22.07%, 15.15%.In addition, the larger rape 3.23 yuan/catty, 4.46% higher than yesterday.Fruit prices mainly rose.Apple average 4.07 yuan/jin, orange average 4.05 yuan/jin, compared with yesterday’s price increase of 1.46%, 1.28%.Bananas averaged 3.73 yuan/jin, 1.06% lower than yesterday’s price.(Sun Jie, Binzhou Development and Reform Service Center)