Sales of glutinous rice balls hit a peak in Conghua, Guangzhou, with traditional flavors still playing a leading role

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“This has three kinds of fillings, cheese, sesame, peanut, a packet of several people’s taste, this is 19.9 yuan two packets, now sell very discount……”In the supermarkets around xincheng Market, sales staff introduce different flavors of tangyuan to the public, accompanied by “eat Tangyuan” festive song played in the store, the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival is very strong.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, reporters visit the market found that the sales of tangyuan ushered in a peak.The refrigerators of some supermarkets around Xincheng Market are full of sweet dumplings with various flavors. Customers come to buy them in an endless stream. Some customers don’t even need to choose, but just pick up two packets of sweet dumplings and go to the checkout.Staff introduction: “In recent days, the sales of glutinous rice balls are very objective. They are constantly replenished. The price is almost the same as in previous years.The cheapest is 6.5 yuan a pack, and the most expensive is 39.9 yuan a pack. There are three flavors in the pack, which is also very popular.”Compared with price, people pay more attention to taste and quality, among which, black sesame and other traditional flavors of glutinous rice balls are still the “mainstream” products for consumers to choose, and the online celebrities’ yolk quicksand glutinous rice balls and rhubarb glutinous rice balls are also popular among citizens.The reporter found that in addition to buying tangyuan, there will also be citizens who will choose to buy glutinous rice flour to make their own tangyuan, will also choose to buy glutinous rice dumplings, rice cake and other food with good meaning.Whether they are made by themselves or bought ready-made dumplings also express the citizens’ good wishes for a sweet life in the New Year.In fact, no matter how the taste of tangyuan changes, the ceremony of eating tangyuan on the Lantern Festival remains unchanged, and the feelings and reunion between family members remain unchanged.Enjoy the festive atmosphere at the same time, the district emergency management bureau to remind the general public, although the gorgeous fireworks can render the festival festival, but also pay attention to whether the discharge area belongs to the restricted area, but also pay attention to safety precautions.It is reported that, according to the “Guangzhou Fireworks safety Management Regulations” and “Guangzhou Conghua District People’s Government on demarcating conghua District prohibited fireworks zone announcement” (from the government regulation (2021) No. 4), Conghua demarcated the scope of these prohibited fireworks zone.Street corner new city community, the community, east into the city, countryside community, xining, once, feng instrument, fuqian, ZhenAn, yukon ning, li yuan, qingyun, riverside community, creek, south west, cloud west community building, community group star village, south village, village street corner, male feng village, suburban village;Jiangpu Street River southeast community, river northeast community, Jixing community, new star community, united Star community, South Community, Jiangpu community, Longjing community, Hai Long Valley Community, Lane River Bank community, youth community, south village, Luodong Village, Xinming village, Hecang village, Jiangpu village, Jiang Village, Fengyuan village, Hai Long Valley village;Suburban street Riverside north community, Wangcheng North community, town north community, guan Wai community, North star community, Wangcheng East community, Wangcheng West community, Wangcheng South community, Xiangyang village, Dongfeng village, high step village, new village.”If it is really necessary to hold fireworks evening shows and other large-scale fireworks discharge activities within the jurisdiction of this area due to major festivals, celebrations, celebrations and other important activities, the host unit shall go through the examination and approval procedures with the public security organs and set off fireworks at the designated time and place in accordance with the regulations on hierarchical management in accordance with law.In addition, it should be noted that outside the prohibited areas, no unit or individual can store fireworks and firecrackers with a weight of more than 30 kg without obtaining legal permits for fireworks production, operation, transportation, fireworks shows and other large-scale fireworks display activities.”Area emergency management of the responsible person suggested.Violations of the announcement will result in these penalties, according to the district emergency management Agency.Those who set off fireworks and firecrackers in areas prohibited from burning without approval or fail to comply with the requirements for safe discharge shall be punished by public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Safety Administration of Fireworks.If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law;Those who store fireworks and firecrackers without authorization in areas prohibited from setting off fireworks shall have them confiscated by emergency management departments or public security organs and be fined not less than 1,000 yuan but not more than 10,000 yuan.If the violation constitutes an act against the administration of public security, the public security organ shall impose a punishment for the administration of public security according to law.If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.All the time, Conghua attaches great importance to the wholesale safety, transportation safety, sales safety and other safety work of fireworks, actively carry out the safety production inspection work, to create a safe and stable environment for the public.In addition, Conghua also actively advocates civilized fireworks, and from multiple angles to remind citizens how to ensure the safety of fireworks.At present, Conghua implements a licensing system for fireworks and firecrackers, and is not allowed to engage in the production, sale and storage of fireworks without a license.Conghua currently has 45 retail stores licensed to sell fireworks (display fireworks retail license).Article: Li Zhuoqiao li Yewei editor: Xie Yishi First review: Wang Ruijun review: Deng Zhancong (this article by “Guangzhou Conghua release” original release, without authorization, any media, public number shall not be reproduced and adapted, welcome to share to circle of friends.)