This New Year gift makes Dongsheng a fairy tale world!

2022-04-24 0 By

Plants and trees turn white fairy tale world beautiful rime of beautiful city celebrate Spring Festival of the year of the tiger (click to watch the video) as a winter snow branches covered with rime overnight pear flower blooming beautiful rime like likes to become a charming scenery beautiful the east sheng jing time tender years then take you into a fairy tale world left left left (reporter:Liu Dongqiao Baoning Gao Ruitao) recommend reading send!To send!To send!Free tomorrow!Fine check!Festival play happy more assured!Tunnel!Right here!Editor: Ren Shiyao Review: Han Gaiqin Zhu Shaoli Liu Dong Proofread: Ren Shiyao News hotline: 0477 — 8139311 Email submission: Statement: Dongsheng Rong Media Center original articles without authorization, prohibited reprint.The Platform reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for those who do not comply with this statement.Don’t forget to like + watch!