Winter skiing competition, athletes need to do sunscreen?Ant manor today’s answer

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Life is movement!For those who love sports, neither summer heat nor winter cold can stop them from taking exercise.With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, people’s enthusiasm for ice sports is at an all-time high.Therefore, the major ski resort tourists stream in an endless stream, many people are the first to ski resort to experience the fun of skiing sports.Now although has arrived grain rain solar term, but the temperature in many areas of China is still very low, is still the best season for skiing.However, skiing is outdoor sports, the vast snow, cold wind damage to the skin are very severe, so we must remember to do a good job of comprehensive protection when participating in skiing sports.In addition to wearing thick ski clothes, hats, glasses and other equipment, when participating in skiing sports should do sunscreen?Ant Manor small classroom topic: winter competition, skiers still need to do sunscreen?A. yes B. no.Although skiing is a winter sport, skiers still need to protect themselves from the sun.Because the snow surface of ski resort reflects strong ULTRAVIOLET rays, the skin is also damaged by ultraviolet rays when skiing.Just because it is winter, we must not neglect to do sunscreen work.Strong ultraviolet radiation combined with cold, dry environment, participate in skiing sports, delicate skin will be no less than summer damage.According to relevant studies, the ultraviolet radiation intensity of snow is about 3 times that of the seaside, and the snow surface will reflect the light from all directions to people’s body, people call this situation – diffuse, diffuse intensifies the power of ultraviolet.So when skiing in winter, you must wear sunscreen.Ants manor small classroom answer: 1, winter competition, skiers also need to do sunscreen?Answer: Yes.2. Which of the following ingredients won’t be on the menu of Olympic athletes in Beijing?Answer: pepper.