A: congratulations!Huo’s family settled out of court over 7 billion yuan property dispute, huo’s family will realize “Nansha Dream” together

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A: congratulations!Huo’s family settled the dispute over the estate of seven billion yuan out of court, and the children of two families and three families finally expressed their intention to reconcile with huo yingdong over the distribution of the seven billion yuan inheritance.On February 7, Hong Kong media reported that huo’s family had settled the property dispute out of court, and that members of huo’s family would work together to realize Huo yingdong’s “Nansha Dream”.Worthy of the Huo family, family tradition has always been very good, so the big pattern of money is no longer a problem.On February 7, HuoZhenYu was also formally responded to the reporter friends, he said he really good happy, is now and his brothers to get the reconciliation, thank you for your honor wise speech, we will strive to maintain family harmony, continue to inherit his father’s legacy, contribute to society, for all the media friends care, I wish you all a happy New Year.Fok focuses on family harmony and inheriting his father’s legacy.It seems that during this period of the Lunar New Year, the second family and the brothers of the second family and huo’s family were likely to get together and resolve the inheritance issue amicably.In fact, the development of things and the children of the two rooms are not too much to do, but is the big room side of the brothers have not put down the problem of property contention.Big room’s third son Huo Zhenyu has been that brother Huo Zhenhuan usurped property, there is a problem of uneven distribution of property.And Huo Zhenhuan is not to be outdone, so at the beginning of the production to Huo Zhenyu, Huo Liping complaint.Now all the family members have withdrawn after the Spring Festival and the siblings have reached an out-of-court settlement, it seems fok’s Nansha dream is one step closer.It seems that the huo brothers still have a long-term vision, for the sake of their father Huo Yingdong things can put down the so-called interests between the two sides, really good.Generally speaking, the contention between the rich property, the brotherly love of the thing is not common.Had it not been for the family’s good fortune, there would have been no possibility of an out-of-court settlement.For Fok’s father, the reconciliation between the brothers is very important, which is also conducive to the younger generation to promote the development of the family business.This is especially important for the budding careers of Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing.The big brothers no longer fight with each other, the second and third families also start to compromise, the elders of the family reach a settlement out of court, very good thing, congratulations to them.