Voice and image equipment developed by Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Institute became the “hero behind the scenes”

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When the clock of the Year of the Tiger rang out, zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, the “space travel trio”, appeared in the Spring Festival Gala. As the guests of the “zero hour bell”, they sent New Year’s greetings from space. This is undoubtedly a highlight of the Spring Festival Gala.Reporter from space technology research institute of China aerospace science and technology group Shanghai learned that the “top” in this Spring Festival gala wires, Shanghai aerospace electronic voice and image of the developed device is one of the “hero” behind the scenes, the closer the distance of the audience and the astronaut, astronauts in the space to feel the same throughout the festival atmosphere charm.Although the world is far away, the voice processor developed by “Fidelity” electronics is the central hub of the voice communication service of the space station system, realizing the private call, group call, exit call and other functions between astronauts and the ground, and realizing the high-fidelity real-time call of 29 communication links by using five audio codec methods.From Shenzhou 1 to Shenzhou 13, from Tiangong 1 to Tiangong 2, from Tianzhou 1 to Tianzhou 2, from the space station core module into orbit to the combined flight, the voice processor has been outstanding in the previous activities of heaven and earth communication, rendezvous and docking, space teaching and so on.After nearly 30 years of development, voice products have undergone three generations of technological change.The first generation of voice products was used for Shenzhou I to VII, realizing the foundation from scratch.The second generation of voice products, since Shenzhou viii, has realized the low code rate and high quality voice compression encoding and decoding technology, breaking through the bottleneck of only capturing basic acoustic tone, and realizing the progress from simple call to high quality.When this 3 astronauts pay a New Year’s visit to use, it is the 3rd generation speech processor that electronic institute develops.The third generation voice products are suitable for space station and can achieve communication delay control within 1 second.This product for the first time breaks through key technologies such as multi-terminal high-fidelity audio centralized processing, multi-channel audio digital mixing, dynamic audio parameters and key management.”Under the premise of ensuring that the voice is true, the third generation of voice products will increase the code rate compression level again by four times, the audio compression mode expanded to five;It’s a leap in voice quality.”Technical director Huang Jianqing said.High-definition picture quality, panoramic display of astronauts wonderful appearance, naturally also inseparable from the electronic development of the high-performance space camera.In order to display the astronaut’s style in multiple angles, multiple fields of view and multiple dimensions, the cabin is equipped with various cameras, including wide-angle directional camera, zoom camera and portable wireless handheld camera for live broadcasting.A variety of cameras, with different perspectives, both near and far, and fine picture quality, provide full time and space recording and transmission for various space station test missions.Image products have undergone three generations of technological innovation.The first generation of image products used for manned spacecraft Shenzhou I to VI are standard definition camera products.”From the first generation of image products, the process is very difficult, we for space environment including temperature, exposure conditions, such as not very clear, and the time of the transmission channel is equivalent to the state of dial-up Internet access, plus video codec technology is still not very mature, to realize video real-time transmission in the world for the first time, the development of the product is constantly groping forward.”Wu Hongsong, chief designer of image products, said that, however, when I saw the first returned image, THE mood was still boiling and excited.The second generation of image products are used for Shenzhou vii to Shenzhou XII manned spacecraft, Tiangong I target aircraft and Tiangong II space laboratory.”In terms of image quality, if the first generation of image products is VCD level, then the second generation of Shenjiu and shen10 after the image products are DVD level.”Image product technology expert Deng Songfeng said, the image product for the first time realized the two-way transmission of image data between heaven and earth, ensuring rendezvous and docking and the first space teaching.Today, the cameras used on the space station are the latest generation of imaging products.Image resolution from the original STANDARD DEFINITION to 1080P HD, and the product architecture adopts digital and integrated design, image acquisition, preprocessing, coding, network transmission and other functions into one, equipped with HD camera, panoramic camera products with different requirements, can adapt to various channels in real time.”In order to cope with harsh environments such as huge temperature differences, space radiation and erosion by atomic oxygen, the Eva camera is equipped with a temperature-controlled ‘protective film’ to ensure that the camera can steadily and reliably record pictures 24 hours a day for 15 years.”Shen Jianfeng, chief designer of extraveular HD camera, said.With the perfect interpretation of high-definition cameras and panoramic cameras, we can look up at space together with the astronauts, overlooking the earth, smoothly receive the first blessing from the Year of the Tiger.(Source: Jiefang Daily)