Monday, Feb. 7 Sector Analysis and Operational Strategies:

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★ infrastructure plate: today up 6 points or so, from the technical point of view, belongs to the volume rise, upward ⬆️ long trend is obvious, the formation of obvious gold fork curve form;In terms of policy, combined with the domestic economic operation pressure and monetary contraction policy in 2022, it is feasible to stimulate economic growth by guiding market capital to invest in infrastructure-related industries and expanding domestic demand.Recommended not to chase up the operation, to be high down to buy again to participate in the position set to take the long – term configuration strategy!★ Non-ferrous metal plate: today rose nearly 3 points, from the volume can see no obvious amplification, from the technical form of large probability belongs to the overfall rebound, box structure is still in the downward form, do not see the continued rise of support policies and good news.Operation recommended not to follow up, to be followed up to buy the opportunity to participate in the operation!★ Banking sector: up 2.42% today, from the volume can be seen as a slight increase in volume.See today on the financing side into the banking sector of nearly 2 billion, can we see in the current economic operation pressure and under the background of interest rates monetary policy, market capital into Banks and infrastructure will obvious safety plates, such as 2022 could be is not easy for a year in financial investment, operation Suggestions are quite positions on the banking sector configuration, take a longer-term allocation strategy!Photovoltaic plates: u today rose nearly 2 points, from the point of view of quantity can not significantly change, technically has up ⬆ ️ form the trend of the golden cross, combined with the state of photovoltaic power project in 2022, years of photovoltaic plates to maintain long-term bullish on strategy, operational suggestion buy on dips, increasing positions, longer-term allocation strategy!★ Agricultural plate: up 1.85% today, belongs to a slight volume rise, technical rebound demand, short-term view may further rise in the market opportunity, operation to maintain the dip-buying strategy, the first half of the year can be appropriately involved in configuration!