East count west calculate exceed expectation, wait for bifurcation point

2022-04-27 0 By

Today’s mood index is 169. High mood.Limit 98, limit 0, clinch a deal 900 billion, up and down ratio 3:1, quite hot day!East and west in the weekend after fermentation, today continues to hot, the morning opening has 15 daily limit, leading Ningbo construction the largest single seal reached 4 billion.Half of today’s trading limit is the concept of digital economy, up to 49 companies, the front row is a word, the leader can not buy, they all went to the 20CM, 20CM were reported trading limit 15 companies.Today is the confirmation point of east and west calculation, the main line has been established, behind waiting for the opportunity of disagreement in the front row!For the leading players today’s market is to give up, the front row were pushed to death, the back row do not want to go on, then continue to wait.Keep an eye on the leading Ningbo construction seal single quantity, if still higher than today’s seal single quantity, it will continue to be a word, if which day seal single quantity suddenly smaller that may be the arrival of bifurcating point.This is an important concern, it is estimated to go after Wednesday, patiently waiting for the main line bifurcation point!Operation of the day: early low absorb Huimbao shares and Cuiwei shares, have been kicked, Zhejiang construction investment supervision is higher than expected, the opening added a pen, board added a pen, the afternoon opened the board kicked off the bottom of the hand, after the plate was closed small black house, estimated suspension of 5 trading days.Bid made NaLing technology (opening a pen, on board a) and the early spirit information (a not clinch a deal on board), these a few votes, not even the plate into the fall, and that tomorrow wait for east west are in front of the bifurcation, leading heavy attack, then can find best to earn money to open this year years time has come, I hope you have a good grasp!Infrastructure is still good, but the intensity has weakened, consider switching to the digital economy, there is not much else to say, so it!