In the New Year, reporters will visit window units

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On the morning of February 7th, the provincial conference on improving working style for the People to do practical things for enterprises was held in Hefei.Window units directly serve the masses, is the first line of service for the people.On the seventh day of the first lunar month, the first working day of the Year of the Tiger, journalists from Hefei Press visited various window units in Hefei.Reporters visit found that just ended the Spring Festival holiday “charge”, the window staff have come up with a “full” state of mind, open to the New Year’s work, strive to provide quality and convenient services for the masses.On February 7th, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, the outpatient service also saw a small peak.”Nucleic acid testing personnel, please line up over here.””Please show your health code to enter the outpatient lobby.”…At 9:00 am, the patients were treated in an orderly manner under the guidance of the staff at the entrance and hall of the Outpatient service in Guangde Road, The Second People’s Hospital of Hefei.The reporter noted that although the number of patients on the first day after the holiday increased significantly, the order of medical treatment was orderly, and the medical workers were well prepared for the first batch of patients after the holiday.”During the Spring Festival, our hospital implements no-holiday outpatient service to ensure patients’ needs during the festival.”Xiang Xiaohong, director of outpatient Department of Guangde Road District of Hefei Second People’s Hospital, said, “Today is the first day after the holiday, and the number of outpatient visits has increased significantly.In order to ensure the orderly progress of the diagnosis and treatment work, the hospital’s various departments have made early preparations, with the most full of work enthusiasm and the most rigorous work attitude to serve every patient.Here also remind the majority of patients, rain and snow weather, must pay attention to travel safety.”On February 7, 2022, the first working day of the Spring Festival, many couples in Hefei chose to register their marriage on this day, joining hands to open the door of marriage.At 9:00 am on the same day, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Liu from Hefei came to baohe District marriage Registration Office to apply for a “red book”.Inside the registration hall, the atmosphere was clean and festive as window workers began their first day of work.”If we get caught in snow today, we will grow old forever.”Wearing cartoon-printed face masks, Zhang and Liu could not hide their excitement and joy as they received their marriage certificate from the staff.”Seven is our lucky number. Today is February 7, the seventh day of the first lunar month, the first working day of the New Year, and the first snow of the Year of the Tiger, which makes us feel this day is particularly memorable.””In the New Year, we will provide better services to the public with more enthusiasm and meticulous services.”The person in charge of baohe District marriage Registration Office said that Baohe district as the national marriage customs reform pilot area, marriage registry office in the daily service work at the same time, will also actively promote family virtues, foster new marriage customs, help marriage and family happiness and stability.Because of the “online”, provident fund window some “deserted” compared to the peak business before the festival, the first working day after the festival, Hefei Housing provident fund management center garden Street business department even some “deserted”.It turns out that housing accumulation fund management center in hefei is vigorously pushing forward the construction of the integrated service platform with the new version “e-government network points of housing accumulation fund in hefei in anhui province hall” online service function, has achieved e-government platform for the public accumulation fund for housing construction in hefei 28 items, the entire network to do basic covers all the daily business of housing accumulation fund.We have been used to provident fund business “online do”.At present, housing provident fund online business mainly includes unit matters, personal matters two categories, a total of 28 items.Including 9 unit businesses and 19 individual businesses, it provides online housing provident fund services to the depositing units and employees respectively, realizing online remittance, information change, house purchase withdrawal, loan repayment withdrawal, rental withdrawal, information inquiry and other services.The person in charge of Hefei Housing Provident Fund Management Center introduced that through the construction of the online comprehensive service platform, all the provident fund business functions in Hefei will be handled online in the future, except that loans must be signed face-to-face.On February 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Hefei welcomed snow.Rain and snow weather, hefei Water Supply group departments how to do a good job in business handling and water supply security work?Reporters carried out on-site visits.At nine o ‘clock in the morning, I walked into the business center of Hefei Water Supply Group Co., LTD., located in Tunxi Road. Not many citizens came to deal with business in the hall.According to Hefei Water supply group business hall deputy section chief Li Rui, the current water supply related business has realized online management, during the Spring Festival, most citizens choose online management, therefore, the offline business volume is relatively small.Starting from Friday, the volume of business will increase.In previous years, there were more than 100 orders on the first day after the festival. Today, due to the rain and snow, the business is relatively stable.”Li Rui said.At hefei Water Supply Group’s “Heart Bridge” hotline service center, a large blue screen showed 137 calls as of 9:52 a.m.”Is intimate friends the bridge” hotline management division section chief Shang Bei tells a reporter, the hotline service center with a total of 38 employees, during the Spring Festival has been on-the-job, against the rain and snow weather, hotline, to fully prepare for the once received a public water supply for help, will be the first time the detailed work out to the water supply branch of eight area, timely handling public appeal.In the water supply dispatching center of Hefei Water Supply Group, four staff members are monitoring pipe network equipment in real time.During the Spring Festival, the dispatching center ensures that two people are on duty 24 hours a day in real time, mainly monitoring the operation of 8 water plants, 7 pressure stations and the entire pipe network.According to water supply dispatching center of hefei water supply group chief dong Yin, often in order to deal with the effects of snow and cold weather, as early as October, hefei water supply group started the warm antifreeze safeguards, combing out the 251 nonpolar compounds and bare pipe equipment, added insulation cover, insulation sleeve and back plate, to ensure the continuous cold weather, the water supply network security.With snow falling, the first working day of the Year of the Tiger has arrived on schedule.On the morning of February 7, the reporter visited the Baohe Government service hall and found that, affected by the heavy snow, there were not many people coming to handle business, and some Windows even zero visitors.At 9:30 a.m., the reporter arrived at the Baohe Government Service hall. The originally bustling hall was quite empty, with one or two citizens consulting for business in front of several scattered Windows. The only window that was relatively busy was the public security household administration window, but there was almost no long queue waiting.”Not a single person has come to do business since this morning.”Yangtze River Delta network office and cross-provincial office window staff told reporters that, according to previous years, the first working day of the New Year is generally not too busy, the average day of business business handling volume in about 20 or 30, this year by snow, travel inconvenience, this number may be less.In addition, with the deepening of the commercial system reform in Hefei, more and more businesses are handled online, and applicants have “zero errands” and “zero face-to-face meetings” throughout the process.At the western end of the government service center, there is a self-service business registration machine, providing 7*24 hours service for the masses.On the morning of February 7, there were not many citizens in hefei’s housing transaction management center. It was very convenient to deal with housing transaction, tax payment and registration in a centralized one-stop shop.The office hall and the real estate registration center also installed a self-service inquiry and printing equipment, through reading identity information can be self-help inquiry and printing of commercial housing transactions, stock housing transactions and purchase qualifications.It is understood that hefei Real Estate Bureau has established a housing transaction information management platform and a housing transaction financial service platform, covering the whole process of housing transactions, automatically verifying or verifying the transaction subject’s household registration, social security, marriage and real estate registration information online.At present, with the net signing of housing transaction contracts as the main line, Hefei Real Estate Bureau has completed all the previously relatively independent contract signing links, mortgage loan and capital custody links, tax payment and ownership registration links in the process of housing transaction through the information platform.Realize the transfer of the same transaction contract, the same intermediary service contract and the same mortgage loan contract in the real estate, finance, taxation, real estate and other departments to ensure the safety of transactions.In 2021, a total of 123,000 households went through the qualification examination of house purchase, and 121,028 households signed commercial housing sales contracts online.Online signing services were provided for 84,725 existing housing contracts, and 37,501 cases of capital trusteeship were accepted, with the agreed trusteeship amount reaching 49.104 billion yuan.General Media Reporter Yu Doliao (General Media Reporter Tang Meng gao Yong Li Houxiang Wei Xiaomin YU Doliao Wang Wei Correspondent Hu Xiaoli Li Huanshi Xin Cheng Qisheng Fei Fei)