Lakers target list!Dragic Schroder 9 in the column, Pelinka responded no trade

2022-04-27 0 By

NBA deals for the 2021-22 NBA season closed yesterday.One team that hasn’t done any deals is the Lakers.The lakers are just 26-30, ninth in the Western Conference.Obviously, that’s not good enough, and getting nothing on the trade market makes things harder for the team.The lakers’ next plan, according to multiple reports, is to focus on the buyout market after nothing happened in the trade market.Lakers reporter Jovan Buha came up with a nine-man roster: Dragic, Gary Harris, Schroder, Bledsoe, Millsap, Benbury, Muscala, Satoransky, Tristan Thompson.Jovan Buha said the teams have not yet decided which players will be bought, but if the nine players are bought, it would make sense for the Lakers to take them.Of those nine players, the Lakers were interested in bringing back Schroeder as a backup guard, but he was traded to the Rockets.The Lakers also had a strong interest in Millsap, but could not reach an agreement.Tristan Thompson is an old teammate of James’ who won the 2016 NBA championship together.Tristan Thompson was shipped to the Pacers in a trade the day before yesterday.In an interview, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said, “You can’t force someone to make a trade where you’re going to get a bargain. It’s up to them.We thought about a lot of different things in that process.””If you get three All-Stars and they only play 15 games together,” Pelinka said of the lakers’ struggling trio.I think this sample is a little too small to make any final conclusions!”The lakers face another tough test tomorrow when they visit the second-place Warriors in the Western Conference.