“Salary” satisfied enough, go home for the New Year!Supporting the prosecution helped migrant workers to claim more than one million yuan in wages

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A salary, behind carrying a life security, a family hope.With the shortest procedural time, the most convenient to pay, is the end of the year migrant workers to beg for pay the biggest appeal, but also the most conducive to the resolution of social conflicts.Small cases have big lives.The People’s Procuratorate of Weihai Torch High-tech Industry Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Weihai High District Procuratorate”) has actively engaged in the special campaign to eradicate unpaid wages in the winter of the district, fully utilizing the way of supporting prosecution to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.Since 2021, China has handled 10 cases of migrant workers suing for compensation, helping migrant workers recover more than 1.16 million yuan in wages.”Our wages have been in arrears for so long. Thanks to the prosecution’s support, we can finally go home for the Spring Festival!”Before the Lunar New Year holiday, migrant workers like Mr. Jiao are heading back to their hometowns.Before leaving, he specially came to weihai High District Prosecutor’s Office and presented a brocade flag to the prosecutor.In handling the prosecution case of jiao xx, He xx and other 8 people claiming labor remuneration, the handling prosecutor actively sought the support and cooperation of Weihai High District Court on the one hand, to smooth the case handling process to the maximum extent and shorten the litigation cycle;On the other hand, we invited the district Court, the District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, the District Construction Bureau and relevant audit units to answer the disputes on the quantity of the two sides of the project, and promoted the two parties to sign a reconciliation agreement, which helped migrant workers recover 110,000 yuan of unpaid wages in only 5 days.The prosecution case of Zhu Mou and Mou claiming labor remuneration was handled, and the undertaking prosecutor made a decision to support the prosecution according to law through field visits and collecting fixed evidence.At the same time, the joint Weihai High District Court for many times to explain the interpretation of the law to the defendant, explain the legal consequences of unpaid wages, and facilitate the migrant workers to reach a mediation agreement, confirm the time limit for the payment of wages, and give judicial confirmation, and finally only spent 9 days to end the six-year long road for wages.The pass forward, actively with the district court, district science and technology innovation bureau, district public security bureau and other joint cases, through the parties to “sit down to talk”, unlock the parties “knot”.Actively participated in conflict mediation, assisted relevant departments to resolve 11 migrant workers’ group petition cases, and promoted the two sides to sign a mediation agreement through joint mediation at two joint meetings. While resolving group petition, successfully helped migrant workers to ask for a salary of 200,000 yuan.Having a safe year is the most simple New Year wish of migrant workers, so that migrant workers live a safe “salary” year, it is the duty of the prosecution.Weihai High District Procuratorate will continue to follow up the progress of migrant workers’ salary payment, continue to expand the source of cases, carry out legal aid, publicity and other public welfare activities, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and other vulnerable groups, so that the procuratorial light will continue to illuminate the road of vulnerable groups.Source: Weihai Torch High-tech Industry Development Zone People’s Procuratorate Original title: “Satisfied with the” salary “, go home for the Spring Festival!