School treasure online APP release information security white paper, read data security protection measures!

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Today, xiao Bao will solemnly introduce the school treasure online information security white paper, take you to understand our information security system.In the education information industry for nearly 10 years, school treasure online knows the importance of customer information security.In daily communication with customers, Xiao Bao learned that with the development of information technology, customers are concerned about and attach importance to information data security.In order to better serve customers and protect customer data privacy, in the past 10 years, School Treasure online invested a lot of manpower, resources and funds, has been trying to upgrade and improve the information security protection system, only to promise to provide customers with more secure service.In order to evaluate its information security system construction in a more fair and just way, School Treasure has introduced authoritative third-party certification bodies and regulatory bodies to supervise it earlier.In 2017, School Treasure online passed ISO27001:2013 International Information security Management system certification, becoming the earliest education industry service enterprise to obtain such professional certification in China.In 2018, School Treasure online obtained the record certificate of “National Information system Security Level Protection Level 3” issued by the public security department.This is the highest level of information security certification issued by the state for non-banking institutions, which means that the information security system of School Treasure has reached the recognized high standard of the industry.In order to accept the supervision of professional agencies and clients, reverse push ourselves more solid information security system, as early as August 2017, the school’s online is blockbuster issued a white paper on “information security, from the data security, network security, basic security, system security, security certification and five aspects of cooperation, detailed the school information security protection system.With more and more schools using school treasure system as the core management tool, school treasure has grown into a popular enterprise in the education information industry.Facing the trust of customers and the responsibility of the industry, school treasure people always feel burdened.School treasure will continue to increase investment in the field of security, in customer information security protection to go better and more stable.☀ Data grading, according to the data value and sensitivity of the security grading, and develop the corresponding protection strategy.Monitor illegal logins based on passwords and access control policies.User accounts and passwords cannot be easily used by others.☀ Information display page using anti crawling technology, to protect users sensitive data will not be stolen by the network crawler.☀ System software and hardware for availability monitoring and dynamic adjustment at any time, business peak can maintain stable service.☀ Data multi-geothermal backup, guard against emergencies.Under customer authorization, help customer data backup and recovery to the greatest extent.☀ Conduct DDOS attack defense drill in time and successfully defend against dozens of GIGAByte traffic attacks.☀ school treasure system vulnerability defense level is high, once found, immediately isolation to reduce the risk.☀ Instantly identify brute force cracking and other login behavior and respond quickly.☀ Server stealth and need to be in the specified network environment login, reduce malicious intrusion hidden danger.Two systems: Build a trustworthy school treasure ☀ online using system to emphasize data security.Employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements, and the training focuses on data confidentiality standards.☀ Develop process to introduce security measures, development, testing, release, operation and maintenance of the whole process should be reviewed and controlled by security.☀ Strictly protect the operating system security, rely on the trusted operating system version, the related personnel operation permissions are graded.☀ Have standard physical security control: strictly restrict people and equipment access, access to various systems require specific electronic card and permission approval.Backup power supply, climate temperature control and fire monitoring, emergency can also protect customer demand.Contribution unit: School Treasure Online Hangzhou Technology Co., LTD