The Chengbu Road Transport Service center carried out an inspection of the Spring Festival road transport in the cold rain, snow and freezing weather

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New city step client January 29 news (correspondent Fang Gang) January 29, the city step road transport service center of the county passenger transport enterprises to carry out low temperature rain and snow frozen weather road Spring Festival work inspection.In order to cope with the current low temperature rain and snow freezing weather conditions of the road Spring Festival transport work, to ensure that the people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, the city road transport service center to tight, speed, careful awareness of the impending battle, focusing on the county “two passengers and a dangerous”, urban public transport, rural passenger transport and other inspection,Supervise the operation line safety assessment of passenger transport enterprises, driver safety education, vehicle GPS dynamic monitoring, vehicle technical status inspection and daily maintenance, anti-skid and anti-freeze facilities.We urge passenger transport enterprises to prepare emergency plans, improve relevant plans, prepare emergency forces, keep rescue personnel and vehicles on standby for emergencies, and ensure rapid response, proper response and efficient disposal in view of possible transport disruption and passenger aggregation under severe weather conditions.We will supervise passenger transport enterprises to actively establish an information sharing mechanism with meteorological departments. In case of disaster weather, we will release early warning information through multiple channels in a timely manner, guide passengers to make reasonable travel plans, resolutely and decisively take measures to suspend passenger transport lines that fail to meet safe passage conditions, and earnestly put people’s safety in the first place.On the same day, the service center checked 3 passenger transport enterprises, investigated road transport safety hazards 1, ordered passenger transport enterprises to rectify on the spot, to ensure that the masses of people travel safely and orderly before the festival.Author: Correspondent Fang Gang, Editor: Wang Xu Source: Chengbu Rong Media Center