Quick detection, quick break!5 non-motor vehicles in the garden successfully “returned home”

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 19, changping public security sub-bureau Tiantongyuan south police station held a stolen electric car return ceremony.Ceremony scene, large and small, different colors of stolen vehicles, neatly parked in tiantong Nanyuan police station.Police officers lined up and stood at attention, waiting for the owners to take the car.The reporter understands, this hair returns the stolen car altogether 5, 1 is bicycle, 4 is electric car.”After receiving the report, we took immediate action to track the movements of the suspects through various investigation methods.Since February, we have cracked five cases of theft of electric bikes and bicycles and busted two criminal gangs, helping residents recover their lost vehicles in the shortest possible time and making due contributions to the security work during the Winter Olympics.”Tiantongyuan South police station police chief Zhao Zhicheng told reporters.At the beginning of the ceremony, the owners of the stolen vehicles in return for signing procedures, leaving not only their names, but also to the police work support and affirmation.Subsequently, the day tong Yuan police station of the police, for the owners of the stolen vehicle keys.The owners’ joy at the recovery of their lost vehicles was palpable.”On February 14, I lost my electric bike near Tiantongyuan South subway station.After receiving my report, the police searched overnight and told me the car was found the next day.”Electric car owner Mr Ma said excitedly: “this electric car is very important to me, every day, work on it, very grateful to the police pay!”Sun Tao, director of Tiantongyuan South Police Station, said it is the bounden duty of police to crack down on crimes and protect residents’ legitimate rights and interests, and to solve crimes efficiently for residents is an obligatory responsibility.Tiantongyuan south police station of the police, will continue to uphold the police for the public, law enforcement for the people’s work attitude, wholeheartedly serve the people.”Here to remind the majority of residents friends, please be sure to park the car in the designated parking location, remember to take the car keys, take good care of personal belongings, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.”Zhao Zhicheng reminds way.Firmly carry out, safeguard safety police people one heart, hand in hand advance Tiantongyuan south police station will continue to perform their duties to create a harmonious and peaceful public security environment and photo/our reporter liu Tong internship