Suzhou Daoxiang Village brings consumers a variety of food service experience

2022-04-28 0 By

In recent years, commodities incorporating elements of Traditional Chinese culture have become consumer fashion. People call this phenomenon “national fashion”. From the popularity of a series of “national fashion” products such as Hanfu and cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City, we can see a new creative collision between modern culture and traditional culture.In order to cater to modern consumer demand, many brands are grasping the national trend, and even traditional time-honored brands have caught up with the pace of The Times to play the trend, becoming a veritable “national trend”. Among them, suzhou Daoxiangcun, a time-honored traditional pastry brand, undoubtedly takes the lead in this road.Daoxiang Village, founded in 1773, is one of the first Chinese time-honored brands recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the founder of the brand “Daoxiang Village” and the holder of the pastry trademark of “Daoxiang Village”.Continuous operation for more than two centuries, Suzhou Daoxiang Village has always been loved and recognized by consumers for its profound information, featured products, innovative marketing and perfect service.In order to “play” with young people, Suzhou Daoxiang Village constantly seeks innovation.In March last year, Suzhou Daoxiang Village rebuilt its “Guochao” experience store on its century-old site of Guanqian Street. This upgrade is also a positive response to Guochao and young consumers.Different from ordinary stores, Suzhou Daoxiangcun Experience Store is based on traditional Suzhou culture, and has been comprehensively upgraded in both store style and products. Not only can we buy all kinds of cakes, but also there are baked naked selling area, handmade area, tea leisure area and cultural experience area, which are delicious and fun.In terms of products, not only have a freshly baked now sell pastries, suzhou rice fragrant village also launched big IP with culture “joint” of all kinds of snacks, such as “suzhou garden” series, “a dream of red mansions” series, “qianlong agent shop” series of all kinds of pastries, beautifully made, meaning deep, delicate, like art won the favour of many young consumers.In terms of business model, Suzhou Daoxiangcun Experience Store has opened online and offline channels.In addition to tasting cakes, hand-made experience and punching in, it also supports nationwide mailing and distribution, and coordinated operation of “mini program + Tmall flagship” on the cable, bringing consumers various food service experience.In addition, Suzhou Daoxiang Village also released positive signals to young people through a series of measures such as cross-border joint name and e-commerce live broadcast.In the most traditional industry, in the most “fashionable” way to do the most classic business, this is a bold attempt to the future of the Chinese pastry market!