Tears eye!The Chinese women’s team continued the record with Fan Kexin kissing the ice and Zhang Chutong taking a selfie with the winners and runners-up

2022-04-28 0 By

Beijing Winter Olympics continue, in the intense short track speed skating, our Chinese team won another medal.In the women’s 3000m relay final, our Chinese women’s short track team won the bronze medal in 4:03.863, and the veteran Fan Kexin’s performance deserved everyone’s praise.One gold, one copper!Fan Kexin shows value, for the short track women’s team to continue the record, said: I do not want to retire!Fan kexin is 29 years old, which is considered a veteran of short track speed skating.Fan kexin, who won one gold and one bronze in the women’s 3,000-meter relay, also helped China win the mixed team gold.At the same time, Fan Kexin also extended the medal winning record for the women’s short track team.The Chinese women’s short track team has won MEDALS at every Winter Olympics since 1992.Now Fan Kexin helped the women’s team win the bronze medal in the women’s 3,000m relay, which also allowed our Chinese women’s team to win the medal record to continue.It can be seen that Fan Kexin really demonstrates the value of the veteran, such an excellent performance makes the Chinese people feel proud and proud!There was also an emotional scene at the medal ceremony after the game.The girls of the Chinese women’s team were so excited that they jumped onto the podium with fists clenched, showing the power of China to the world.In a heart-warming gesture, Zhang Chutong took a mobile phone out of her pocket and took a selfie with champion Netherlands and runner-up South Korea, demonstrating the style of the host.Zhang Chutong took the champion and runner-up selfie warm heart move, let everyone feel the “friendship first, competition second” atmosphere, and this scene was just captured by the field camera, netizens gave Zhang Chutong high praise!On the other hand, Fan Kixin’s postgame kiss on the ice was also the focus of attention.In his post-match media interviews, when asked why will kiss, fan can be new answer an eye tears, “I mainly want to thank a powerful country to host the winter games, at the same time also thank you for the ice to make so many athletes show their abilities, thanks to short track speed skating projects and all the people who support us!”At the end of the interview, Fan said the Beijing Olympics were just the beginning for her, laughing that she still has a lot of energy in her body. “I’m only 29 years old, I don’t want to retire!”Fan kexin showed his current state by saying, “I love short track speed skating very much, and I will keep skating as long as the country needs me!”On the whole, the Chinese short track speed skating team did bring no small surprise to the Chinese people during the journey of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which also made many people like this sport, which is indeed a positive signal!