A Thousand Words 31: Career or Health?

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Social hot spots, workplace focus, focus of life, talking about the world;A family of words, nonsense nonsense, set thinking, a thousand words.From 2012 to 2013, aviation hero Luo Yang and crosstalk actor Wang Ping, two social elites from Shenyang, died of heart attack one after another. The topic of whether to have a career or to be healthy and how to avoid “karoshi” has once become a topic of widespread concern.Luo Yang and Wang Ping’s untimely death had a common cause: too much work, too much mental burden, too much work to guarantee normal rest, too much life can not bear the weight of the career.After the death of Luo Yang and Wang Ping have received the most full affirmation or praise.However, for luo Yang or Wang Ping themselves and their families, no matter how much recognition or praise they could give to their once-precious life, they would seem to be powerless or even useless.We have to reflect on such a question: how to find a balance between career and health?How can health and career complement each other?Answering this question is actually very difficult.Our traditional culture has always advocated values such as giving priority to career and sacrificing oneself for death, and stressed the dedication consciousness of the individual being subordinate to the overall situation and the individual being subordinate to the collective, while opposing the individual-centered approach and objecting to highlighting individual interests.In such a culture, personal health is obviously insignificant compared with great causes.At the same time, large and small leaders seem to be used to speed up, used to subordinates as a top like spinning, used to improve the quality of work, complete the established goals as the top priority beyond everything.As for subordinates have enough rest time, the body can not stand, leaders are generally don’t care, at least not as much as the work of the body care subordinates.There are also personal factors.For example, Wang Ping set too many goals and put too much pressure on himself, so that he overrode the last straw to ensure his health and life safety, resulting in the human tragedy of the gray hair giving way to the black hair.This is a busy no ego era, everyone for ideal or interest busy desperately, some people even eat, sleep and other maintenance of basic life need time to busy.Those who violate the laws of nature and physiological science will be punished naturally. Terms such as “sub-health” and “karoshi” frequently appear in media reports, sounding the alarm of “cherish life and respect science” again and again.Unfortunately, there are not many people who take the tragedy of others as a lesson for themselves, and are still forced or willing to spend their health and life on the hope that bad things will not happen to them.It should be said that this is a very irresponsible attitude towards life, oneself and family.Because compared with the so-called business, physical health is the most important thing to do business, family happiness.We may not be able to change the value orientation of the whole society, nor can we completely separate ourselves from the system or society, but we can take more care of ourselves, pay more attention to our body as much as possible, and squeeze in as much rest and exercise time as possible.You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You need to balance your career and your health.Sometimes making modest compromises with your career, and occasionally daring to fail, can be a practical and healthy choice in life.Yufu was first developed in Shenyang, Liaoning province on March 1, 2013, and perfected in Tianjin Hedong on January 26, 2022