A shares: market closed baldheaded Yang line, is more?Or long?

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February 18, 2022 Friday, the market today showed a low open high, the whole day trading surface is relatively stable, the three indexes today’s trend differentiation, Shanghai closed up 0.66%, the K line four Yang, closed at 3490.76 points;The Shenzhen Component index gained 0.27 percent to 13,459.68 points.The chinext index fell 0.46 percent to 2,826.81 points.Let a person feel not ideal is the two city turnover shrinks, the market turnover is only 807.5 billion yuan.Industry plate up more down less, coal industry, iron and steel industry, real estate development industry up the top, battery, precious metals industry down the top.More than 3,100 stocks rose, 71 rose by the daily limit, while 1,481 fell and only one fell by the daily limit.Clearly, the market is trading in a better mood.Today’s market trend, and was not affected by the European and American stock markets fell last night, A share market bargain open high, to resolve the russia-Ukraine situation conflict continued factor, all day long shock up, it can be said that today’s A share trend is very independent.Observed from the disk, the independent trend of A share market closed up, is still in the low valuation of blue chip varieties led out, low valuation varieties of this market mainline has not changed.From the industry index, it can be clearly observed that the financial real estate ETF, energy ETF, steel ETF, new infrastructure and commodities, such as weight of low-valuation sectors pushed up the broad index.In particular, the trend of real estate stocks is very prominent, real estate ETF rose more than 4% to rank the top of the whole market industry.For real estate plate strength, is mainly driven by a good factor today.It has been reported that the first home loan in Heze, Shandong province, down payment ratio from the previous 30% to 20%.In addition to Heze, there have been some cities across the country quietly reduced the first home mortgage interest rate and down payment ratio.According to real estate agents such as Lianjia in Chongqing and Ganzhou in Jiangxi province, many banks in chongqing and Ganzhou in Jiangxi province have reduced the down payment ratio of the first home mortgage to 20% before and after the Spring Festival.The cities in this round of adjustment are not “purchase restriction” cities, which are jointly decided and adjusted by local housing and financial departments according to the principle of implementing policies based on the city.It seems that the first set of mortgage ratio is not an individual phenomenon, but a trend of the market direction.According to citic Securities analysis, the down payment ratio is the reflection of adequate mortgage loan quota.According to the requirements of the People’s Bank of China in February 2016, in non-restricted cities, the minimum down payment ratio of the first home is 25%, with a downward fluctuation of 5 percentage points. This regulation has not been abolished at the central level.Therefore, for the rise of the real estate plate, we can not be treated with short-term change.So, the market today received baldheaded Yang line, is more?Or long?From the Shanghai Composite index K line trend to observe, since the market in January 21 this year below the 250 average, the market index has been in the year below the line of shock finishing.At present, the TREND of K line is in the early stage of the big down adjustment channel, and at the same time to build a convergence of the triangle finishing form, the “rising triangle” shape change is to break through to do more?Or lure more trend?Next is to lure more or do more, the monk thinks, this still depends on the low valuation of blue chip varieties in the next week’s performance.We can take a look at the specific trend of this kind of low valuation plate: financial real estate, energy, infrastructure engineering, the three low valuation weight of the blue chip plate trend, far stronger than the market trend, and formed a long trend of rising shock.Next week’s market rise triangle finishing form can break through, should largely depend on the mood of these three plates.Comprehensive analysis: Monk for the current market, do not hold a negative attitude, with the trend, the right amount of positions, adhere to the low valuation of blue chip varieties as the main trading object.-END-