Heilongjiang guy Gao Tingyu broke the banner bearer spell, innovation record to take the fourth gold, then the education exposure

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College students are not only the pillars of the future, but also the heroes of the Winter Olympic Games to win glory for the motherland.Since the opening ceremony, we are not only impressed by the volunteers of college students, but also the female protagonist Gu Ailing, wu Dajing and ren Ziwei, who did not forget to hand in their homework. Their success and education level are all impressive.They not only showed a positive side, but also let foreign friends witness the strength of the motherland, worthy of countless students to learn from the example.It is worth mentioning that gao Tingyu, the flag bearer from Heilongjiang province, performed well and broke the flag bearer curse to win the fourth gold medal.Heilongjiang guy Gao Tingyu broke the record to win the fourth gold medal, broke the flag-bearer curse, education also exposed when it comes to curse, we all know that the flag-bearer will not win the championship is always we feel helpless and bitter.But when Gao Tingyu played with injury, it was a breakthrough and challenge as a flag-bearer, fortunately he succeeded.Gao Tingyu, a young man from Heilongjiang province, not only set a new Olympic record, but also broke the curse that flag-bearer will not win the gold medal, adding another gold medal to his country.After winning the title, Gao not only became a popular search engine, but also became a role model for many students to follow and learn from. Her educational experience and qualifications were also revealed.Gao was born in Heilongjiang province. He is not only a good post-90s kid, but also a real guy from northeast China.And he graduated from Harbin Institute of Physical Education, unlike Ren and Dajing, studying in such a prestigious university.As we all know, this school is an ordinary second-grade college. Although it is not well known in China, it has cultivated many excellent talents, such as Wang Meng, the champion of “Mongolian language and Mongolian” commentary, who also comes from this university.In many people’s impression, ordinary school students, it is difficult to really go to such a high-profile arena.But no matter wang Meng or Gao Tingyu, they have perfectly realized the counterattack, and become the goal and motivation of younger students.It should be known that Gao did not give up easily because of his academic background. He has always been firm in his belief and has made continuous efforts for it.Thankfully, he finally lived up to his own expectations and proved himself to everyone by winning gold.To receive higher education is not only to realize one’s goals and ideals, but also to bear the expectation of parents and teachers.Therefore, no matter ordinary students or those who are very good at sports, they should understand an immutable truth: success is reserved for those who are prepared. No matter ordinary or outstanding, they will reap something through their own efforts one day.Even if one is born poor or not highly educated, it will not be the biggest obstacle on the way to development.Where there is a will, there is a way, academic record is not the fundamental factor that limits play, college students can not give up a lot of parents think that only the students with good family circumstances and high academic record will play their potential and advantages incisively and vividly.Nowadays, although education is Paramount, not every college student with low education can only be labeled as failure and ordinary.The author believes that from the perspective of gao’s education experience and success, he not only interprets what is “where there is a will, there is a way”, but also makes us see that the efforts and efforts of low education are of special significance. While gaining success, he also enjoys the happiness of counter-attack.We should know that it takes a process to change from ordinary to extraordinary, and if college students want to realize their ideals and goals, they should spend more time and energy on improving themselves, especially to maintain a positive attitude, which is indispensable on the road to success.It is said that opportunities are equal in front of college students, but some students can create more value, while others will be eliminated in the process of competition.So success is the need to adhere to and accumulation, not because of a failure to give up.Success requires continuous accumulation. Every fall and stand up is growth and gain. In the process of receiving education, college students will always face many choices and challenges.College students who are lucky enough and capable enough are often the objects of envy.But even so, their successes are lessons learned and accumulated.Take Gao as an example. His success today must be attributed to numerous falls and rises.You know, success is not achieved overnight, there will be laughter and tears in the process, it all depends on how college students look at it.Especially higher education, not only to learn professional knowledge, but also to master the integration of skills and practice, can master the initiative in their own hands, students can gain, become their own heroes, the pride of their parents.The author’s message is that college students are the symbol and embodiment of higher education. They are not only models for younger students to learn, but also show the style and positive attitude of contemporary college students.Is the so-called god comes to those who wait, efforts and efforts will always be rewarded in the way they like.So college students should find their role models and give themselves and their parents a satisfactory answer.At the same time, but also for the construction and development of the motherland, to contribute their own strength.What do you think of Gao Tingyu’s comeback?Feel free to share in the comments!Feel free to share in the comments section below!Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!For more of our highlights, check out Mama Cass