Spring Festival go grass-roots | they stick to work in the Spring Festival guard liangjiang shancheng qingbo

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The Spring Festival is a reunion day eagerly awaited by children and the elderly.But there is a group of drainage people, but missed this reunion time, resolutely stick to the front line of work, for “water pollution control, water environment protection” contribute their own strength, guard chongqing liangjiang Qingbo.Steamed noodles, Ziyang steamed pot, potato baba fried bacon…On the noon of the third day, 600 kilometers away, Pang Xi, a native of Ankang, Shaanxi province, working in the Baihan Sewage Works of the municipal drainage company, arranged a rich family dinner at his home.Looking at the smiling faces of the family members in the video, Pang Xiyun, on duty during the Spring Festival, also smiled: “Although I can’t be with them, I have no regrets when I see them so happy.”As the Spring Festival of 2022 approached, the factory leaders showed concern for Xiao Pang: “Don’t go back to Shaanxi for the Spring Festival, don’t you miss home?”He replied with a smile, “Because of the epidemic, the Chinese New Year can be celebrated on the same day. The Reunion dinner can be eaten next year. Sewage treatment can’t stop for a moment.”He said it casually, but he missed his family too much.As a graduate student in environmental engineering, Mr. Pang Xiyun, who had just graduated from the company, did not want to stay idle.”Since I won’t be back home during the Spring Festival, I want to use the Spring Festival holiday to follow the staff on duty in the factory every day to practice more, so that I can quickly change my role and apply what I have learned to serve the production effectively.That’s my New Year’s resolution.”After paying a simple visit to his parents in shaanxi province via video link, Pang Xiyun followed his colleagues out of the office. He was very busy measuring data in the engine room and watching the scene in the pool.Seeing the steady discharge of sewage up to standard, he felt that it was also a rare Spring Festival gift.Home and missing in the end, responsibility and adhere to the end, many ordinary chongqing drainage people, with little dedication and practical action, show the mission on this special day.On the morning of the third day, Ye Jian, monitor of jiangbei Group 2 of municipal drainage company pipe network management company, was conducting a routine inspection of drainage pipelines with several colleagues.This year, he has been on duty during the Spring Festival for the fifth consecutive year.Over the past 17 years, Ye Jian has stayed true to his original aspiration and carried out his mission. With his pragmatic working attitude and selfless dedication, ye Jian has grown into a true “pipe network defender”.City drainage company pipe network inspectors shuttled in the river every day, not afraid of dirty tired, day and night, inspection box culverts, pipeline safety conditions, for the city’s drainage pipe network “bowel”.”It takes about 30 kilometers to make a round trip, which is tens of thousands of kilometers a year.”Ye jian said that at the end of the day, his clothes, hands and head are often stained with sewage. On average, he needs to change a pair of shoes for more than half a year.In summer, they endure scorching sun and mosquito bites. In winter, they suffer from cold winds and frozen hands and feet.Some box culvert pipe line in the high slope or fort, a little careless inspection will fall down or even injured.The most troublesome is the safety hidden trouble caused by the construction of the pipe network by external units.When necessary, he will also take 24 hours on-site guard, a day did not implement the relevant protection programs and signed a security agreement, will squat for a day, a week did not implement, nailed a week.It is very hard, but everyone knows that their work is related to the safe operation of the drainage pipe network of shima Hechuan Yi Primary school to longtou Temple Park, related to the water quality of the river and the appearance of the city.Although the job was dirty and tiring, it was a great responsibility and a great honor.This Spring Festival, in addition to Pangxi yun and Ye Jian, there are many people like this quietly stick to the post line, they use their own way to welcome the arrival of The Year of the Yin Tiger, build chongqing ecological civilization, serve the people a better life, with their own unique way to write the most beautiful Spring Festival “dedicated blessing”.