Three ancient writings, especially “The Beautiful Lady of the Hunter” full text high sweet five-star recommendation

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Hello, everyone, I heard that you are short of books, boring and can not find a good book, is it, also as a small book fans today to recommend you a good novel, let book fans in minutes to read addictions do not sleep!, if you feel good, I hope you are handsome, handsome, charming, beautiful little brother little sister to small make up the article point a like plus a concern yo!Small make up recommend everyone today: the three ancient words, especially the beauty of the Orion family live full high sweet five-star recommendation first: “miss faggots nine, through to arrange the author: unruly indulgence love freedom wonderful extracts from priority: a white figure slowly walking out from the shadows, moss white, what a handsome childe, but Sue nine in memory.Dongfang shuo?Only a second, Su Jiu’s mind will emerge the identity of this man, fengcitron country that and their own waste seven emperor son?Still, considering how this man was able to hide his breath until now, it doesn’t seem like that, does it?Completely ignored su Nine that sharp eyes, Dongfang Shuo grin, “miss Su nine can not think of little hands so cunning strength ah.”I didn’t think I could walk around and see something like this.”Seven emperor son also seem not not to touch much let.”To be able to hide the breath is now deliberately discovered by themselves, it seems that the word waste is not worthy of the name.”Both of us.”Dongfang Shuo sorted out the front of the chest, eyes gentle, smiling mouth, index finger gently on the soft lips, make a shiver.”Hist -” the next second, the wind rises and clouds surge, a no fight of the seven prince unexpectedly blue light around, Dongfangshuo gently smile, bow hands and bow, good if water, instant jump into the air, natural and unrestrained left a wipe clothes.Gee?A pig eating a tiger, too!That’s interesting.Su Jiu tilted his head, thinking that he was also an easy friend, and turned away from the messy battlefield.One table, one chair, one bed.Simple cannot simple decoration again, occupied whole room.Su Jiu raised his eyebrows in the door. These?It’s called the lady’s room.Careful will the memory of the original master comb, Su Jiu is surprised to discover, oneself are actually in the environment of the cultivation that oneself long for in previous life, chance coincidence?In Leichuan, The Three Kingdoms stand together.Practice fighting qi, magic these two forces, the pursuit of the strong for respect.And her body is the result of being tested at the age of five and being found to be worthless and stigmatized.First: Shu Jin struggled to sit up and looked at her strange surroundings, wondering, “Where am I?”He Zhizhou cold hum 1, “my home.”Shu Jin touched a head to recall carefully once, at the beginning that little water barely supported a few minutes, the aura inside the body dried up very quickly, so he just dizzy past.Think of here, shu Jin looked at his hand.The hand was thin and long, which had been very nice, but it was too thin and dry like chicken feet.She clenched her fist and felt a twinge of weakness in it.Shu Jin sighed, his spiritual force is too weak, weak to even the neck injury are not good.Thinking of this, she decided to first find a river to absorb enough spiritual power, the neck injury to heal.See shu Jin in a daze, he Zhizhou knocked on the table, “return money!”Shu Jin this reaction, she looked at he Zhizhou, hesitated for a moment before saying, “I can always give you the house?”Her unconscionable father left behind a bottom debt run, she had to find water to repair the wound, so no one lived in the house, simply paid off the debt.First: “Little master, come with me. You must recognize your family.””Now your father is the master of the Ye family. He will never let you suffer any injustice.”At the door of Yang’s building materials Company, an old man who looked very manly stood beside Liang Feng, urging him with his heart in his mouth, while Liang Feng was impatient and unkindly said: “Are you finished?More than ten years ago, my mother made an agreement with the Ye family that she would never set foot in the Imperial capital during her lifetime, and neither of you could set foot in Nanshan City. What are you doing, unilaterally breaking the agreement?!”The old man sighed, “Young master, she alone can’t represent the whole Ye family. Besides, both she and your mother have passed away, so the agreement can be regarded as invalid. Your father had a hard time explaining himself at the beginning.Liang Feng said impatiently, “Please tell him that my family name is Liang, not Ye, and ye’s family matters have nothing to do with me. Hurry away and don’t waste my time!”The old man looked at the stubbornness on the young man’s face, sighed again and had to leave first.Liang Feng looked far car, in the eyes emerge a sad, at the beginning of his mother recklessly fell in love with the married Ye Nan day, later conceived him, but at this time, the original match know, in the emperor are troubled by a boiling uproar.In the end, his pregnant mother had to leave the imperial capital and settle down in the remote city of Nanshan.But the original match never forgets, looking for their mother and son all the time, this concerns the huge property distribution problem of the leaf home, more than ten years ago, the mother of Liang Feng is very vexed, head for the imperial capital alone, stand outside the leaf home and the original match reach a paper agreement, lifetime, never step into the imperial capital half step!A few years ago, when the old woman left, she still said that liang Feng should listen to her in any case and not be too sharp. She had done two things wrong in her life: she followed the wrong man and bought the wrong shares.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What kind of novel do you like to read? You can comment in the comments area below the end of this article.High sweet ancient words “dressed as a villain of the killing female match” fat but not greasy, fine content, must see want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to crape Myrsia emotional bookstore