23 tall buildings, almost every balcony is glass guardrail, property says more beautiful, reasonable?

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Present person buys a house, besides comfortable besides, the beautiful degree that still pays attention to the house very much, and what of a few designs of indoor pattern, it is owner people the thing with more fastidious.So, now many developers have also captured the owners of this psychology, they began to decorate the appearance of commercial housing more “attentively”, is to attract more people to buy a house!In the first half of this year, my family also bought an elevator in a community in the city.23 tall buildings, almost every balcony is glass guardrail, property says more beautiful, reasonable?I bought a house here when it was still under construction, and I chose the 14th floor.When handing over the house, I visited the next set of houses that already belong to me, the layout of the house is very satisfactory to me, and the quality of construction is also pretty good, but the only thing that I don’t understand is that the developers are actually installed in my balcony on the 14th floor of the glass guardrail!Later, I went to other floors to have a look, and found that almost all floors are installed glass guardrail!I think that living in a high-rise building with glass guardrail is certainly not very safe, so I intend to discuss with the property management and express my idea of sealing the balcony, but the property management forbids me to do so, because if I seal the balcony alone, it will destroy the beauty of the whole building and affect sales!As we all know, glass guardrail for high-rise residents, in addition to the usual more dangerous, its health is also a very big problem.Like my home in the height of the 14th floor, the air is very much dust, if the glass balustrades have been kept the same, then we later moved in, every two or three days we have to clean the balcony, very troublesome!Moreover, the glass guardrail basically belongs to a half open air, in the future wind and rain, no matter how beautiful the guardrail will gradually aging, if the iron frame fixed glass rust corrosion, it will bring no small safety risks, this is not a joke!Although the glass guardrail is indeed better than sealing the balcony, but if as a tool in the life of ordinary people, I think its practicality is not too big.One of the biggest disadvantages of glass guardrail is that it is too fragile, it can only rely on a few metal rods as support, if the metal rod failure, it is easy to fall off.And, glass this material, not resistant to high temperature, not resistant to impact, especially like we live in coastal areas, if this typhoon, these glass guardrail all have to be broken, there is no guarantee for our safety!Since take a house hind, I all the time do negotiation for glass guardrail this matter and development business and property there, my idea is to let myself seal up balcony, money I oneself give, the rest I ignore!But the developer and the property have been disagreeing, saying that I would destroy the integrity and beauty of the community!Negotiation has been big half a year now, still did not give a result, the whole village is still the balcony of each house is glass guardrail.I want to ask everybody, development business disregards the safety of owner so, still do not allow us privately seal balcony, reasonable after all?This article is collated and published by Qi Jia Xiaobian, some works come from the Internet, it is impossible to verify the true source, if involved in infringement, please contact xiaobian directly to delete, thank you!(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)