Shenzhen Epidemic -2022 Press the pause button

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In the long fight against the epidemic, Shenzhen is under particular pressure.As Shenzhen is geographically close to Hong Kong, it is necessary for Shenzhen to prevent imported cases and ensure support and supply to Hong Kong.Shenzhen is more stressful than any of us thought.Everyone in this city has sacrificed so much and paid so much to protect the southern gate of our country.I believe shenzhen people will win this battle.Every day to work in Shenzhen, every day to see their own trip code is not green code, without green code can not move.People who go to work in Shenzhen prepare their luggage every day and may be isolated and left in the company at any time.Even this situation has not delayed workers to go to work, as they seek to survive, because they can not lose their jobs in this pandemic.They are not only an office worker, but also parents and children.Many children cannot attend classes and their parents cannot go to work.Every family is very difficult, but shenzhen people have been holding on, they are waiting, waiting for the epidemic to pass quickly, waiting for the arrival of spring in Shenzhen.In the face of the epidemic, the government has led our soldiers to fight through all the difficulties to protect our homes and ensure our safety.To keep the disease from spilling out and spreading to each other.In this case, Shenzhen had to make the following measures.From March 14 to March 20, closed management will be carried out in communities, villages in cities and industrial parks. In addition to ensuring the operation of the city and the transportation of supplies, buses and subways will be suspended in the city. People in the city will not leave shenzhen unless necessary, and those with special needs will have to leave Shenzhen with negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours.Closed cell, nucleic acid test for all staff.Use the most effective means to prevent the spread of the epidemic.Shenzhen, once a fast-paced city, has been hit with a pause button.We work from home. Kids go online.Subway and traffic restrictions, you will find that the once heavy traffic has become the present few pedestrians on the street.Without the bustling bustle of the past, we are left with closed doors and Windows.It shows that the quality of our citizens is high and we all understand the current situation.And quietly cooperate with our staff in nucleic acid testing.The epidemic merciless, human beings.Under this epidemic, I see countless white soldiers are desperate, I see the busy figure of volunteers, I see everyone is responsible for their own responsible attitude to the society.In the face of the epidemic in Shenzhen, all the people in Shenzhen did their best to fight together.In the process of active prevention and control, we should also protect ourselves, and we have the responsibility and obligation to do the following.Do not conceal personal schedule and illness, truthfully report.We have to do what the government tells us to do.We should actively cooperate with normal detection and monitoring.We should always wear masks for personal protection when we appear in public places.Do not go out and gather together illegally to prevent infection.We should classify and deal with the garbage, not throw away the medical waste at will.Do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, do not create trouble, believe in science.Protect our privacy. Don’t give out patient information.The present closure is for the sake of future openness, and the present management is for the sake of future freedom.Although it is very sad now, but as long as we insist, we will wait until the opening day.Although our city is slowing down, there is a group of rebels, frontline medical workers, epidemic prevention volunteers are speeding up, they rush to the front line, doing their best to protect the city.The pause in our lives is the pause in the epidemic. As people slow down, we believe that the infection rate will gradually decrease, and quarantine and treatment will be conducted in a reasonable and effective manner, the confirmed cases will gradually decrease.People are quarantined at home so that they do not cause trouble to the community, and health workers can withdraw to places where they are needed more.Rational use of resources, with the shortest time to maximize the effect.I believe that with the efforts of all of us, the epidemic will be halted as soon as possible.We have used our own actions to press the pause button for Shenzhen and for the epidemic.Epidemic prevention first, if there is a special situation needs, we can timely contact the community, community workers and volunteers will help us to solve our life needs, we have to do is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the government to implement.As long as we do not relax, Shenzhen will not loosen the door.Every one of us is a fighter against the epidemic.Let us work together to do their own.Life is more important than Mount Tai. The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is our responsibility.I hope the epidemic can be brought under control as soon as possible and work and production can resume as soon as possible.May everything after the epidemic come as expected, as you wish.I hope that after the epidemic, Shenzhen will blossom more brightly and spring will arrive as promised.