This event has twice been “invited” out of the Winter Olympics, The Chinese team tonight!

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Yin Zheng of China competes in Beijing, Feb 10, 2018.There is such an event in the Winter Olympics: one person, a pair of steel-frame snow cart, an all-ice track, withstanding several times its own weight, at more than 100 kilometers per hour through a dozen corners…This is to enjoy the speed of the lonely feast that is steel snowmobiles steel snowmobiles by lead weights heavier steel slide two tubular steel blade of cart rails on either side of the body and buffer athletes do not have again besides other starting with the tight suits, helmets, trample spikes to seize an explosive start along ice rail steel for maximum velocity jump into steel slide adjusting posture to face the front bent steelSleigh project at a top speed of more than 130 km depend entirely on athletes carts start inertia and site implementation gap change to maintain high-speed taxi athletes do not touch the track change glide trajectory easily against the wall, rollover, tears, pain, no steering and braking device of steel snowmobiles project both training and competition vulnerable in 1924,Safety issues not included in the first Olympic winter games steel snowmobiles project second Olympic winter games steel snowmobiles in project home st moritz, Switzerland, for the first time for the game was cancelled after the 1948 winter Olympics back in st moritz steel snow machines back then were canceled until the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics steel snowmobiles project is listed as Olympic Games for the third time and keepUp to now, people who choose to engage in steel frame snowmobile are brave in life, and fans of competitive sports can hardly see the expression under the helmet. However, from the moment they enter the track, athletes have already integrated tenacity, courage and dream into the steel frame.Xinhua News Agency reporter he ChangshanTaken steel snowmobiles abroad has more than 100 years of development history and the Chinese more than six years ago to form the national team in yanqing national center “snow flying” snowmobiles sled track completion before domestic without a team reached the international standard of the Chinese steel track snow can only look around the world and more certification training and now made track for track experience domestic and international test has a uniquely cyclotron bending test eventAfter the second round, Zhao Dan ranked 4th and Li Yuxi ranked 10th. The women’s skeleton bobsled will compete in the second two rounds tomorrow night

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Tonight the men’s skeleton bobsled also has the attraction in the national bobsled Center “snow Dragon” track China team, will try their best to attack a medal!Germany’s Christoph Grotcher and Axel Junker skate in the first two rounds of the 10th, the first two are the favorites to win. Yan Wengang and Yin Zheng skate in the third and seventh, respectively.Xinhua News Agency reporter He Changshan frank face gap unremitting pursuit struggle intrepid brave struggle is our attitude Olympic not only gold medal source: Xinhua News Agency editor: Zhang Qiqi Review: Yuliang final review: He Yi