2022 house prices rise or fall, these six types of buyers are not suitable for buying a house, see you

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Judging from the real estate data last year, the housing price in many cities has a significant downward trend, so there are many families who just need to buy a house.But it’s still hard to tell whether prices will rise or fall in 2022, but either way, these six groups are not suitable buyers.First, people with the mentality of real estate speculation have indeed made a lot of profits in the past few years, and some home buyers also want to become “overnight rich” and follow the trend of real estate speculation in 2022.However, with the implementation of the housing market regulation policy, the active right of second-hand housing transactions do not be deprived of the state from the purchase limit to the sale of almost all in the speculation tenants.The country has been emphasizing the prohibition of real estate speculation, so the future price rise will not be very large, if you still want to make money by real estate speculation, it is recommended not to buy, the risk is very high, it is likely to hit the hand.Second, people with unstable incomes have unstable jobs and relatively unstable incomes.The current housing price is generally high, and it is impossible for ordinary people to buy a house with full payment. Therefore, many home buyers buy a house with loans. If their income is unstable, they will have great pressure to pay back the loan in the later stage, and may even fail to pay back the loan, resulting in the loss of mortgage and property.Moreover, the instability of the job means that there is a high probability of changing jobs in the future, and the salary can change at any time. Buying a house means increasing the economic burden and reducing the quality of life. Therefore, it is not suitable for these people to buy a house, which is very uneconomical.Third, people who are not qualified to buy a house now many cities have restrictions on the purchase of real estate, under the strict control of the property market, people who are not qualified to buy a house cannot certainly buy a house.Below the circumstance that does not buy a house qualification, must not forge to buy a house qualification, borrow a name to buy a house, once appear a problem, this is illegal behavior.So even if prices continue to fall in 2022, it’s not a good time to buy.Fourth, people who are not happy in marriage generally, after marriage, the couple buy a house, all belong to the common property of husband and wife, if the divorce, is equal division.If the marriage has problems, or has been in the divorce process of the husband and wife do not recommend buying a house, otherwise wait until the divorce, the division is very troublesome, pay more than one party will suffer a big loss.If it is not paid off the loan of the house, who will pay the mortgage.Therefore, if it is a family with unhappy marriage, it is not suitable to buy a house. After the marriage problem is solved, you can consider buying a house.Fifth, in the early stage of entrepreneurship, people in the early stage of entrepreneurship is very difficult, there is a saying spread on the market “ten business nine dead, there is one on the road”, entrepreneurship is not easy, need a unique vision and a lot of capital investment.If you take out a loan to buy a house at the beginning of a start-up project, you will face great risks and challenges. Every day, you will not only worry about whether the mortgage can be paid back, but also worry about whether the capital invested in the project is enough for circulation, and your living burden will increase sharply.Therefore, people in the early stages should concentrate on their business and wait for the company to be well established before buying a house.Sixth, no matter whether the house price rises or falls in 2022, the house price is still at a high level. It is difficult for ordinary people to make a lump sum payment in full. Most people borrow money from banks.So, since the choice of loan to buy a house, it is necessary to bear the pressure of loan.The longest loan term is 30 years, the road to repay the loan is very long, if the psychological quality is poor, can not sleep every day because of the loan, such people do not buy a house, for a long time, the body is prone to problems, it is not worth it.