History is gone, the spirit is eternal, Shuguang shares forge ahead and create brilliant

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In a twinkling of an eye, Dawning Shares has gone through 70 years of development. The completion of Dawning Culture Exhibition Center in 2021 is the epitome of the 70-year endeavor of dawning Automobile Group, an established automobile enterprise.Dawn shares after 70 years of honed, striving to develop, would “always go with the party” as the core guiding ideology of shuguang auto group, today has become a key component of the whole car and car research and development, manufacturing as the main business of large auto group, and become China’s auto industry the backbone of the independent brands and independent innovation.History is gone, but the spirit lives on.70 years, new Dawn, new journey. Huanghai Automobile, one of China’s first national automobile brands, was born in 1951 at the bank of the Yalu River under the flames of war to resist the United States and aid Korea.In Dawning Culture Exhibition Center, we can not only see the birth of Huanghai Automobile (the predecessor of Dawning Automobile Group) 70 years ago, but also the establishment of Dawning Automobile Group 37 years ago.From is known as “China’s passenger car cradle” yellow bus, gleaming glorious history, the famous Chinese and foreign “king of the axle’s” dawn of the rapid advances in axle, more from the practice of “made in China” to “Chinese intellectual” transformation, to build “new energy in China commercial vehicle group” and “the international first-class axles and chassis components modular supplier” of the new chapter afoot.The “Party construction and social welfare” in the exhibition hall also proves once again that the persistent “red faith” runs through every historical stage of the development of Shuguang Automobile Group.Whether it is the Chang ‘an Avenue in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games, the rugged danger of the Everest relay of the Olympic Flame, or the “first scene” of the fight against the epidemic across the country, a fleet of yellow sea brand cars shuttled back and forth, becoming a series of beautiful scenery.At present, Dawning Shares is accelerating to the direction of intelligent, green and advanced development, focusing on building an ecological operator of intelligent automobile industry cluster with automobile manufacturing as the main line.Believe that in the future, “always follow the Party” dawning Shares will rely on the firm will to overcome difficulties, continue to forge ahead, contribute to the development of China’s auto industry.