New details of Resident Evil: Remastered are even scarier than the original

2022-05-01 0 By

Fanbyte editor Imran Khan recently revealed new details about Resident Evil 4: Rework, stating that Capcom is not planning a “rigorous scene-by-scene remake” of Resident Evil 4, but that several scenes in the game are still quite different from the original.In addition, parts of the game will take place at night, possibly including Leon fighting hordes of infected people in a village.While Resident Evil 4 is known for its emphasis on action over horror, Fanbyte sources claim that resident Evil: Remastered will be even creepier.According to him, three early versions of Resident Evil 4 provided inspiration for remakes that were more supernatural and scary than the official version.According to the report, Resident Evil 4: Remake will give cameos a bigger role and more screen time, and Separate Ways side quests about King Ada will be merged and expanded to better align with the main story.Fanbyte also stated that earlier leaks indicated that Wesker had been redesigned, and there was speculation that he would appear in resident Evil 4: Remake with a new look, but that was inaccurate, and wesker was actually redesigned for a Resident Evil project that “appears to have been canceled.”Capcom has yet to officially announce Resident Evil 4: Remake, and Fanbyte claims that an official announcement on the project is expected in early 2022.