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Don’t let me see you, or I’ll love you once I see you.Be good, stay close to me, don’t run, don’t let go.Oooo…Oooo…I’m so scared, don’t you go!If I wanted the moon in the sky, would you pick it for me??Oh, you look down on us girls!?”If I wasn’t here, would you like another girl?”?Don’t quarrel with me, or I will easily kiss you in the mouth.11 I am an angel I am a little princess, I have what thing is a jiao can not solve?Give me five yuan. I want to drink yogurt. I want to grow tall and protect you.The earth turns round once a day, and finally I can bring my boyfriend to my side.I hand posing as a pistol shape buibuibui to you, you want to pretend that he shot to me say agghh ah oh 17.Can you save your smoking money to buy me AD calcium to drink 18. Passing by a milk tea shop, I saw a couple kissing and I really envy me and want to drink milk tea 19.I am so cute that even mosquitoes would bite me. If you are not nice to me, don’t blame your neighbor, Xiao Wang, xiao Zhang, your neighbor, Xiao Zhao, your friend, Xiao Ming, for being nice to me.In a previous life, I might have been a soda bubbling with delight at the sight of you.I am tired of being a fairy and want to be your wife. Life is very bitter, but with me, I will give you all the sweetness.Did you miss her today??I want to drink with you. I get drunk and pretend to be drunk but I want a hug. Today I like you very much, and tomorrow I like you even more.What were you doing when you ignored me?!Exploding cell phone playing video games brain poisoning home on fire really not hugging then I’m leaving.I promise I won’t because I need a hug.Please don’t ignore me.30. You are not angry hey hey come over to hug me