This group of people, vaccination should be careful

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Spring is the peak season for pollen allergy. Can pollen allergy patients get COVID-19 vaccine?What should be paid attention to if vaccinated?What methods to prevent pollen allergy work?At a press conference held under the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council on April 6, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the Immunization program of the China CDC, made it clear that spring is the peak season for pollen allergy, and a history of pollen allergy is not a taboo for novel coronavirus vaccines.Contraindications to Novel Coronavirus vaccine administration are those who are allergic to, or have a severe allergic reaction to, the components of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine or to previous doses of other vaccines.So are there any special precautions for pollen allergic people when getting vaccinated?In this regard, Wang Huaqing introduced that if people who are allergic to pollen are in the acute attack period of allergy, especially those who are allergic to pollen and lead to severe symptoms such as asthma attack, they should slow down the kind of vaccine.For those who have a history of pollen allergy and can be vaccinated, the clinical doctor or inoculating doctor should be informed of the inoculation, and the 30-minute observation after inoculation should be strictly observed.In most areas of China, the spring peak from April to June and the autumn peak from August to September are two seasons with high incidence of pollen allergy.In spring, when flowers bloom, some people with a history of pollen allergies begin to develop symptoms, including itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, and even asthma in severe cases, Wang said.How to prevent pollen allergy for sensitive people?Experts give some practical small coup in the event of pollen allergy, experts suggest some drugs can be used to alleviate symptoms, but not careless use, avoid the use of chlorine, fluorine for external use, especially eye allergies, it is not recommended to buy eye drops, because some allergy eye drops containing hormones, may have caused the risk of glaucoma.In addition, some high-protein food, also known as the so-called “hair” in Traditional Chinese medicine, such as fish, shrimp, seafood, beef and mutton, chili, after eating these foods in this season, but easy to stimulate the state of hypersensitivity.