As expected, Kaixia (the original Toshiba memory) products, won various domestic IT media awards

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Whether you are a home user or an office user or a game user, the pursuit of computer storage is always endless, after all, the larger the capacity of the hard disk, the faster the speed, the better the use experience must be;When it comes to storage, we have to use the brand kaixia. Oh, by the way, Kaixia is not a new brand, its predecessor is Toshiba memory. In order to meet future demand, it was renamed Kaixia 2 years ago.Of course, after the name change, Kaixia’s products still have strong performance, and there are many kinds of products, including SOLID-state disk, mobile solid-state disk, flash disk, TF card, SD card and so on. With excellent performance and stable speed, kaixia has won the favor of consumers.Speaking of which I would like to ask, we buy hard disk this kind of storage products, what is the first consideration?My answer is the strong technical strength of the brand support and stable strong performance experience, welcome to leave a message about your answer.Recently, a number of Kaixia’s products have won many awards from domestic IT media, which can be said to be an affirmation of this brand product.In recent years, I have noticed that in addition to SSDS being used frequently in consumer installations, computer upgrades, NAS and other scenarios, mobile SSDS are also becoming popular, replacing flash drives. Relatively speaking, mobile SSDS are much faster in terms of speed, and you can copy large files in minutes.In this IT Media Award, Kaixia XD10 mobile SSD won the “Good” product award of jiayyou Online 2021.2021 Excellent high-speed mobile SOLID-state drive;Hot Technology 2021 Outstanding Product Award and other IT media awards.The exterior of Kaxia XD10 mobile SSD is compact, the outer shell is made of aluminum metal material, and the rounded and integrated racetrack design is elegant and fashionable. The internal core adopts the original particle, USB 3.2GEN2 interface design, and the sequential reading is up to 1050MB/s, and the writing is up to 1000MB/s. 4K video and high resolution photo transmission are easy and efficient.In addition, KAIxia NVMe RC20, the SSD PRODUCT I have been using, has also won the Necessary Award of 2021 annual Installed technology Video.IT168 Product of the Year award and other awards.Indeed, NVMe SSD has become the mainstream in the DIY installation market, and there is no doubt that kaixia RC20 series products have become the most cost-effective products in the market, with original flash memory particles, independent cache, support the new PCIe Gen3X4 channel, support NVMe 1.3c technology, low latency, fast response,Sequential read up to 2100Mb/s, sequential write 1700Mb/s, read and write performance is strong, stable performance, it can be said that no matter you are home or office, desktop or notebook, are installed, upgrade computer preferred.As a matter of fact, my PC will start up faster, run faster and play faster with this solid state, but I bought the 500G version. If possible, I suggest you directly use the 1T version.In addition to solid-state drives and mobile solid-state drives, one of Kaixia’s flash drives also won the annual All-match Customization King award in the 2021 Zhizhenscience and Technology Awards. In fact, Kaixia won a total of 8 awards from domestic media in 2021.Personally, I don’t think the award is important. What is important is that Kaixia, with its original core technology and flash memory particles, has better guarantee in quality and after-sales service. This is the reason why kaixia has won so many awards, what do you think?