“Everyone is a snowflake, ready to go where I am needed most”

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“Service guarantees the Winter Olympics, and everyone is a snowflake, ready to go where I’m needed most.”This young man named Zhuge Fuyu, zhongguancun Yanqing Park Investment development Co., LTD. Park development department of an employee.During the winter Olympics and Paralympics, she participated in the service guarantee work of three venues, including national Bobsled Center, Yanqing Uniform and Registration Center, and Yanqing Banquan Comprehensive Service Center. She worked in different places.What has changed is her place of work, but what has not changed is her original aspiration and mission of service and dedication.On September 23, 2021, before the Winter Olympic Games began, Zhuge Fuyu left yanqing service and registration center and joined the National Bobsled Center as the deputy manager of venue operation center to participate in the operation of bobsled, steel bobsled and bobsled test events.During this period, she devoted herself to the service of the competition, responsible for meeting arrangement, summary of minutes, information publicity, operation report summary and other businesses, kept abreast of the preparation, development and existing problems of various fields, and timely conveyed the spirit of the scheduling meeting and regular meeting.After the test event, she returned to yanqing uniform and registration sub-center venue service.Just as all the work orderly progress, immediately into the winter Olympics closed loop, another difficult task – the Winter Olympics organizing Committee needs to temporarily assign a staff to Yanqing Banquan registration facility to host the registration work, in the closed loop work for more than 50 days.At this time, it was only less than a week before the closed loop of the Winter Olympics venues. The time was tight and the task was heavy. She and three volunteers who arrived in advance worked together to immediately carry out the preparatory work such as business drills, system debugging, material storage and space layout.With great perseverance and determination, she quickly helped the Sakizumi Registration center to enter the competition when the service state, successfully complete the task.When she served as the deputy manager of venue registration data operation management in Yanqing Uniform and Registration Sub-center, she led 14 volunteers in charge of data review and upload of identity registration cards.She cooperated closely with various fields and hr departments, and took the lead in completing data review work with zero errors, successfully uploading more than 800 data information.She is also responsible for the security work of the entry, exit, issuance and activation of the certificate. After the entry of the certificate, she will make an appointment with each venue in advance and patiently communicate with them about the venue security procedures.During her work, she and her team issued a total of 8,020 id registration cards, 1,892 upgrade cards and 8,312 activated id registration cards.During the competition, she mainly served the Olympic family and winter Paralympic family within the closed loop, receiving and registering related business.After each reception, she would take volunteers to review the whole process of the business, find out the existing problems and deficiencies, sum up experience and improve working methods.In no time, registration workers mastered the entire workflow and improved the efficiency and quality of the business.”The success of the Winter Olympics is achieved by the joint efforts of all the workers who stick to their posts. Every snowflake has made the winter Olympics a feast of ice and snow!I would like to work together with all comrades to build a dream of ice and snow, together to the future!””Zhuge Fuyu said.Editor: Wang Xiaowei Source: Beijing Daily client author: Li Yao Kuang Feng