Put on the leggings of gorgeous and elegant goddess fan dress up, wear a personality and fashionable sense, ankle boots are different

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Put on the leggings of gorgeous and elegant goddess fan dress up, wear a personality and fashionable sense, ankle boots are different.Leggings are matched by “RIPS,” which means switching all parts of the body, using one part as a RIPS, and adjusting the spacing between the parts to create a more holistic triangle.This broken position is actually the most difficult for people to grasp, it is easy to have problems if it is not well mastered, especially when the lower body is much longer than the upper body before and after the knee, this position is more difficult to adjust.If you stretch your pants just above your ankles and rip them, they will rip close to your knees, which is exactly where you balance them.About the position of the tear, first look at my experience, if the upper body has been wrapped too tight on the waist, the length of the pants is limited, so as long as the two parts of the pants and the waist can ensure that there is no leakage.The advantage is that basically the dress is a little relaxed, the broken part is the most natural, not easy to see the broken place.When I remove the pants from the waist, I first turn the heel of the upper half of the shoe and then remove the rear swing of the pants, just cover the side of the pants.If pants aren’t long enough or are too tight above the knees, split them in half and remove the hem to cover the knees.If pants are short, pull your shoes out before tearing the pants above your knees.In this way, remove half of the pants, split the pants in half, and cut a piece off the hem so that the hem is not visible.Then move the dress first to the shoes and then the hem or pants can be seen at a glance.In the process of dealing with the shop owner, I can obviously feel that the guests will have a strong defensive psychology, that is, WHAT I say is the truth, but the guests are not completely accept this kind of speech, they want me to change the statement on the one hand, to change their truth into false words, such as reduce the hem, reduce the difficulty;On the other hand, in the face of this situation, they still stubbornly believe that the business is hiding the facts.If we don’t change the phrase and cut off a part of the pants above the knees, only the part above the knees, so that they don’t have to see the hem at all, the customer is also acceptable.More importantly, let guests understand that their problem is not with their clothing, but with their past habit of wearing only pants and the wrong structure of the center of gravity of human weight.Of course, if you have a good conversation with your guests in private, they will judge each other for you by listening to each other.My experience is that the exit part is more difficult, because you can’t just go down and up and up, you need a buffer time, otherwise it’s easy to become a tear within a tear.