The soul of cold dishes, garlic sauce, made in this way, spicy and thick

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In our life, many people prefer cold dishes, many cold dishes will use garlic sauce, and many people like it.And garlic sauce is more suitable for everyone’s taste, some do not love spicy, put some garlic sauce, eat up fragrant and delicious.Garlic sauce is sometimes called the all-purpose sauce, because people love the flavor of garlic sauce whether they like spicy food or not.In fact, to retain the garlic flavor without leaving the spicy flavor, these are just a few techniques.Garlic sauce of small make up today to share with you the first practice and skill make a garlic sauce ingredients: 300 g garlic clove, cooking oil, salt, sugar, a small spoon, small worship ten pillars, purple onion skin less than half a two, cinnamon, star anise, sesame oil and sesame oil a piece, geranyl moderate, oyster sauce, method: first step:Garlic skin wash control dry water, if there is a single head of garlic, with a single head of garlic is the best, if there is no word is sure to use ordinary also.Step 2: Wash the shallots white, cut the purple onion into shreds, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf ready, garlic chop, it is recommended to chop manually, will taste a lot better.The third step: pour oil into the pot., in addition to the garlic minced other materials together, small fire heating, how much oil you put, but the proposal to put more oil, not easy to damage, the back of the people’s place is much.Step 4: As the heat rises, the oil temperature rises, and the flavor of the ingredients slowly comes out.When the shallots and Onions start to color or brown around the edges, remove the spices and throw them away. If you fry them too long, they will become bitter.The fifth step: white onion and onion fry dry after the fire clip out, you can not throw away, cooking or eating noodles put, especially fragrant!Put the oil in the pan until it’s a little warm.The sixth step: after the oil temperature, pour the garlic into the pot, slow fry, fry frequently with a spatula, avoid the paste of the bottom.Step 7: Cook until the garlic is cooked through.All the flavours come out. Fry them until they turn yellow.You can add a tablespoon of sesame oil, oyster sauce and mix well.Add salt and sugar to taste.Step 8: After cooling, put in anhydrous glass bottles that have been sterilized and stored in the refrigerator. It can be stored for a long time.If you do a lot, you can use one of those small glass bottles, bottle by bottle.This will last longer.Second method of making garlic sauce ingredients: 1000 grams of garlic seeds, 5 grams of chicken essence, 5 grams of sugar, 8 grams of monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of pepper, 3 grams of thirteen incense, 2 grams of five-spice powder, 1000 grams of salad oil.Method: First, chop 500 grams of garlic seeds with a knife, chop until granular, pour into a container wrapped with gauze and rinse for 10 minutes.Second, squeeze out the water, pour salad oil into the pot, heat the oil to 60%, add 650 grams of garlic foam, third, turn down the heat to slow fry, fry until golden, float in the oil, remove and pour into the container, turn off the heat;Fourth, mix the remaining 350 grams of unfried garlic with the golden fried garlic and add the prepared condiments.Fifth, stir well again, when the oil temperature in the pot drops to 5 into the heat, pour in 400 grams of salad oil.Ingredients for golden needle garlic sauce: 300g garlic, 300g edible oil, 5g salt, 3g MSG (optional), 20g hoisin sauce.How to make it: First, finely chop the garlic, but reserve 30% of the raw garlic for frying.Second, fry the remaining 70% of the minced garlic, then pour it into the mixture, so that the garlic flavor is more intense.Third, the frying process is the same as the original garlic paste. After frying, add 30% raw garlic and mix well with the seasoning.Do garlic paste tips: 1, garlic paste must be chopped into garlic with a knife, chopped garlic must be cleaned again, control the water, fried garlic must be slow frying.2, early fried garlic and late fried garlic quantity ratio must be well mastered, if all fried, so fried out of the garlic garlic flavor is not thick.3. White sugar must be added to the seasoning, which can neutralize the bitter taste of fried garlic.When frying garlic, we do not fry the garlic dry, so that the soul of the garlic.The application scope of garlic is really too wide, with seafood, noodles, steamed bread, vegetables and so on are all very good, at home on your own, make convenient, also can save a long time, want garlic can retain the garlic garlic smell, can remove the smell chili again, actually not difficult at all, as long as the method of making minced garlic, according to my above registrations to garlic garlic not only rich fragrance,And it gets rid of the stink and spiciness of garlic.