What are the characteristics of autumn rain

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The characteristics of autumn rain: autumn rain is cool, floating and not sprinkled, cold and not cold characteristics.Autumn rains are the harbinger of a bumper harvest, watering ripe crops so that farmers can reap a bumper harvest.But autumn rain also can give a person a kind of sad feeling, because all things in autumn sleep, depression in eyes, touch the scene and hair, feel sad.Between the wind and clouds, we missed a few misty rain, a few flowers fall?The leaves on the branches were already slightly yellow.In gorgeous, showing some vicissitudes of life, a few minutes of massiness.This is autumn, yes, it is light pace, some thin cool, some joy.Like this time, not warm, not dry, not cold, not hot.Like the sun at the moment gentle shine on the body, very light very light, there is a comfortable warm.Like the blue sky and white clouds in this time, clear, such as washing, sky high, cloud light.Like the wen wan of this autumn, it is like a ring pei Ding dong woman, shop ten li deciduous leaves, with their own softness and wen run, receive every passer-by coming from the stranger.It does not need words, that wind, that rain, that cloud, has already printed a dignified maturity in the heart of every traveler.2. Middle notes: the rain is coming in underground, the sky clouds, low and dark, and yellow, misty dawn a piece of heaven and earth, rain hung over the earth, and the flowing HunHuang rain, water, water droplets splashing blisters, slowly rotating, moving, quietly broken soon, gush to new blisters from behind again.Air, there is no wind and lost in the past the colour of the clear blue gray smoke, listlessly hovering, slowly lift, turn it seems not clear up, the rain continued, and looked at the last days of continuous rain, my mind constantly, the rain of the past, also unceasingly in the brain.The rain is quietly underground, only a little thin falling sound.The orange-red house, like an old monk dressed in bright cassocks, bowed his head and closed his eyes, being baptized by the rain.That damp red brick, give out the color that has excitant pig blood and the laurel leaf of green oil below the wall make intense contrast.Gray toads, leaping in the damp, moldy mud;It is the only thing full of happy life under the dreary net of autumn rain.The gray and yellow mottled patterns on its back correspond to the dull sky, creating a harmonious tone.It splashed down from the grass into the mud, splashing deep green.