Icbc Yangjiang Branch will invest 3 billion credit funds to support the construction of agriculture-related projects

2022-05-04 0 By

Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Yangjiang Branch held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation on “Serving Agriculture, rural areas and Farmers and supporting rural revitalization”, giving full play to their respective advantages in production and operation and financial services, focusing on rural revitalization and jointly promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.Ceremony, yangjiang branch of industrial and commercial bank of city supply and marketing cooperative association and sign at the municipal level “service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers support rural revitalization of the strategic cooperation agreement”, the spring sun, jiang, yoto, supply and marketing cooperative association and yangjiang industrial and commercial bank branch of each branch to sign the spring sun, jiang, yoto, the strategy of rejuvenating agriculture support of rural cooperation agreement.Subsequently, icbc Yangjiang branch staff on-site detailed explanation of “Xingnong Tong” products related knowledge.It is understood that in the next 3 years, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Yangjiang Branch will arrange not less than 3 billion yuan of credit funds, used to support the city supply and marketing cooperative association and affiliated enterprises related to agriculture key construction projects and daily operation of the working capital needs, yangjiang city agricultural enterprises and farmers to provide credit support.Jiang Yiqing, Deputy Director of Rural Revitalization Office, YANGjiang Branch of ICBC:Today, YANGjiang Branch of ICBC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yangjiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association, which will give full play to the supply and Marketing Cooperative’s experience in customers, products, information and scientific research, and give full play to icbc’s advantages in capital, channels, financial technology and integrated financial services. In the next stage,Icbc Yangjiang Branch will provide financial services in capital settlement, credit support, cash management and other related fields for municipal supply and marketing cooperatives and their upstream agricult-related enterprises and farmers.City supply and marketing cooperatives, said the strategic cooperation agreement signed mainly to deepen the reform, the implementation of the five LianNong engineering, building rural cooperative financial services network to give financial support, SMC for city to build agricultural materials, cold-chain logistics network, agricultural socialization service of agricultural products straight to give great help for distribution network.Last year, the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives used bank loans of more than 10 million yuan, to ensure that pinggang Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Xitou supply and Marketing cooperatives and other two important service platforms to help farmers on schedule, completed in time.This strategic cooperation agreement provides more sustainable development space for the development of supply and marketing cooperatives.The city, deputy director of SMC Chen Xiaoyuan: next, combining the reality of SCM system, further consolidate enhance comprehensive reform efforts at all levels of SCM, bigger and stronger cold-chain logistics network, straight for the distribution network and the agricultural capital extensive network, build in “production, supply and marketing, credit” trinity public agricultural socialized service system, develop supply and marketing cooperative ventures, boost rural revitalization.Text: Lin Qiana Camera: Liang Yunlong