Not Shengzhou, not Taizhou, zhejiang this super spicy town is the hidden kingdom of food

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When it comes to spicy food, we may immediately think of Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces that are famous for spicy food.And it always seems not to eat spicy main battle area of Zhejiang, also hidden a super can eat spicy city!It is located at the junction of fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, And Anhui provinces, so it also integrates the eating habits of the four places. The food here is not only spicy in Jiangxi and Anhui, but also fresh in Zhejiang and Fujian. The key point is that it is the most spicy city in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.This place is Quzhou in Zhejiang Province.In the hearts of local people, Quzhou is a hidden kingdom of food.Walking in the streets of Quzhou, you can see decades-old gourmet restaurants everywhere.Come here, casual stay a few days, can let you eat from morning to night, meal to meal can be different.Known as the hottest city in Zhejiang, what food on earth?How to prove that Quzhou is the city in Zhejiang can eat hot, only with a iron plate malatang is enough.Quzhou iron plate malatang soup water is not much, but the material is very enough, a dish, a dish down, the taste of mala instant from the tip of the tongue to the nasal cavity, hot very satisfying.Xina Malatang: Opened 20 years ago in Ma Zhan Di, is one of the most famous malatang restaurants in Quzhou. Lei Ji Malatang: Smooth pork vermicelli is the signature, with a bowl of red bean soup spicy Meizi 02.Lo Wei Lo wei is the favorite of Quzhou people.Among them, the most famous is the three heads and one palm, namely duck head, fish head, rabbit head and duck feet, all delicious, but also with dried powder or wine to eat together, the spicy taste is super cool.Fish head to chop pepper is enough flavor, a layer of millet pepper covered with the whole fish head.Duck’s head, rabbit’s head and duck’s feet are mainly made of bittern, and the bittern soup in each house is different.Old stewed restaurants, especially yatou, are very exciting when they make bones.Quzhou, as a small city outside jiangxi province, more or less also inherited the staple food that Jiangxi people can not do without: dried flour!Quzhou dried powder has mixed powder dry, fried powder dry, soup powder dry, and dry powder.The ingredients are very rich, dried bamboo shoots, cowpea, shredded mustard, peanuts, minced meat…You’ve got everything from sweet and crunchy to sticky and chewy.A bowl of dried salad powder and a crystal cake are almost all quzhou people’s growing memories.Laogao: One of the famous old restaurants, in addition to the basic ingredients, will also add bean sprouts and dried radish to quzhou must eat pancakes, breakfast here has been very wonderful 01.Quzhou said that “a city, half the city of quzhou incense”, which can be seen in quzhou people’s love of quzhou pancakes.Quzhou pancakes are similar to green onion pancakes, but they are still delicious when wrapped in green onion pancakes.A scone with a filling adds more flavor.Jiaochi Street scone: you can see the production process, small scone filling package of large square yuji scone: famous, is synonymous with Quzhou scone 02.Bag cakes are filled with a mixture of meat and scallion on top of the kneaded dough, wrapped in long strips and coated with sesame seeds.Put it in the oven and bake for two or three minutes.The soul mate of a baggie is a bowl of salty beans.A bite of crunchy toffee and a drink of melt-in-your-mouth bean curd are perfect.An omelette is a dough wrapper filled with meat and chives, lightly set on a pan and poured with egg liquid.The skin is golden and crisp, and the meat and egg mixture are mellow and delicious.Tofu cake tofu cake is a crust made of dough, fried in oil on both sides until browned and sprinkled with black sesame seeds.Soft crust, juicy and spicy tofu filling, is the best choice for breakfast.It is an intangible cultural heritage snack in Quzhou. It is to put green onion mixed with minced meat and bamboo shoots into steamed bread.The filling is usually diced pork, dried bamboo shoots, radish and scallions, traditionally with lard and a secret stock.A bite of chopped green onion incense, meat filling, chewy, fragrant.Wang Steamed bread: very famous shop, there are more snacks from all over Quzhou, but Gao Jia scallion steamed bread is a must order 02.The skin of vegetable kuih is steamed with glutinous rice flour, which is soft and waxy.The stuffing is made from dried bean curd, dried bamboo shoots and salted pork.It can be steamed or fried.Kaihua cake can be made into sweet and salty taste. The salty taste mainly includes dried bamboo shoots, dried radish, meat and shrimp skin, etc. The sweet taste is raisins, brown sugar and purple potato, etc.Duze enema the making technique of Duze enema belongs to quzhou City intangible cultural Heritage.It is divided into two kinds, one is to grind rice into pulp with stone mill, poured into pig intestines, called rice pulp.In the other, glutinous rice is dipped directly into the seasoning and poured into the pig intestines.Crystal cakes Are only available in the summer and come in two varieties: a white crystal cake made with tapioca flour and drizzled with mint or milk in sugar water.One is made with kudzu powder, using only brown sugar water as the soup base, which has a soft texture.Besides these, quzhou has some other quzhou flavors that can’t be categorized.Such as mindi flavor of pork swallow, spicy stir-fried snails, kidney flowers with scallion oil, noodle pot stickers, rice dumplings paste, pig feet and so on, all worth tasting.Taste quzhou food, here recommend two places: one is ma Station, this old street hidden many late-night snack shops, see a lot of people into the shop is right;One is Duze Street, 800 meters long and 100 years old, with hundreds of shops, including many special snacks.Like natural scenery, you can go to Jianglang Mountain, Taizhen Cave, West Zhejiang prairie, Jiangshan Gold nail, Small Hunan joint stone column, Floating cover mountain cave group;If you like culture and history, you can go to Nibanbadu ancient town, Harmony Colored pottery Cultural Village, Qingyang MAO Cultural Village, Xiashan ancient dwellings, Longyou Grottoes, Jiuhuachun Temple.There is quzhou Airport in Quzhou, which has been navigable to 20 cities.Trains can get off at Quzhou Railway Station, which is also the choice of most tourists.Quzhou is adjacent to Nanping in Fujian province in the south, Shangrao and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province in the west, Huangshan mountain in Anhui province in the north, jinhua, Lishui and Hangzhou in the east. The unique geographical location makes the delicacies here far beyond your imagination, as long as you come, you can find the taste you like.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the fir cat travel part of the picture from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!