Hunan TV Chinese Spring Festival Gala, Hua Chenyu “Let’s Go and See the Sunrise” New Year atmosphere feeling full

2022-05-05 0 By

Just now, hunan SATELLITE TV’s “Spring Festival Gala 2022” was broadcast on hunan SATELLITE TV.At the end of the show, Hua brought his new song “Let’s Go watch the Sunrise” to the global audience, adding to the New Year atmosphere.Hua Chenyu’s joyful singing also pushed the atmosphere to the climax.When Hua Chenyu sang, xiaobian saw many audience have been swaying happily with the music, it looked very happy and joyful.As expected, Hua Chen Yu’s singing is always so appealing, no wonder some people say that the party with Hua Chen Yu stage will have a layer of quality assurance!I have to say, Hua Chenyu’s love-born song, Let’s Go and Watch the Sunrise, is perfect for the New Year and the Spring Festival.The song is full of love and blessings.I wish all the friends who hear hua Chenyu’s song can get rid of their troubles in the New Year, greet the sunrise, greet and hug the loved ones in the dawn, pass the warmth, and laugh loudly!Happy Year of the Tiger and happy New Year!