Notice on Urging People from Jiangxi Wan ‘an to Return to Their Cases illegally Smuggled and Detained in Northern Myanmar (Phase II)

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About urged Jiang Xiwan Ann cadastral surrenders, smuggling, stranded in northern myanmar QuanFan announcements of anxian county, (ii) all work to combat the illegal crime of management of telecom network new joint conference office (hereinafter referred to as the joint office) since the notice issued on October 14, 2021, the vast majority of the stranded north myanmar dens staff returned to the home,However, there are still 11 people who ignored the notice and ignored the policies and advice of government departments. Now the Joint Office once again urges them to return to North Myanmar immediately and make a public warning.The Joint Office once again ordered the 11 remaining nationals in Wan ‘an County, northern Myanmar, to return to China within one month from the announcement and report to the local police station of their residence registration after completing quarantine according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Violators will not only be restricted by relevant government policies, but also be subject to the following severe punishment:1. Government departments and public security organs will refuse to pass the political examination of those who refuse to return to China and their immediate family members in the aspects of joining the army, entering a higher school or getting a job.2. According to the circumstances, the public security organs will freeze the household registration of those who refuse to return to China within the period, and stop all relevant business of those who refuse to return to China within the period.3. The Joint Office shall apply to the people’s Court for approval of inclusion in the list of trust-breaking persons, and to the People’s Bank and communication companies for freezing all bank accounts and communication numbers of those who refuse to return to China.Within one month from the announcement, those who take the initiative to enter and return to China and report to the local police station of their residence registration will mainly be criticized and educated, and the above punitive measures will not apply.Office of Wan ‘an County Joint Conference on Cracking down on New Types of Telecommunication Network Crimes February 05, 2022 Attached: The information of 11 people detained in northern Myanmar is as follows: Source: Wan ‘an Public Security Bureau