Take a blank chop!Two big core absence again defeat encounter successive defeat!35 points missed the kill!

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Before the game against the hornets, and less Davis led the lakers to just defeat on the road to the 76 ers, and to make matters worse, this game against the hornets back-to-back Davis will be absent because of a sore right hand wrist, monk also because left groin strain will miss the game, James will continue because of a sore left knee can’t play,So it’s going to be a tough game for the Lakers.Sure enough, the Hornets took the lead in the first quarter, outscoring 16 to 3 to finish with a 10-point lead.The lakers couldn’t stop the Hornets in the second quarter and were outscored 49 to 65 at halftime.However, westbrook, who scored only 5 points in the first half, led his team to a 20-point comeback. However, he missed the game-winning shot and lost 114-117 to the hornets.Westbrook undoubtedly became the biggest focus of the game, leading the team alone will be a good opportunity to prove himself for westbrook, who has been questioned by the outside world so far this season.But in the first half of the game, Westbrook’s performance was extremely poor, the entire first half of only 3 shots, making 1 of them, 3 of 4 free throws for 5 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists performance, only 5 points, a terrible half-time plus-27, matching his career lowest half-time plus-27.In the early part of the third quarter, Westbrook was still struggling, getting air balls and being shot by his opponent when the lead was pulled to 20.Late in the third quarter, suddenly a less sweeping around in the outbreak, outside, throw scored nine points in a row, and also constantly assists teammates 3-pointer close the gap, as in the last two minutes of strong breakthrough into 2 + 1, wei less single-section had 14 points and three assists in this section, to help the team will be lagging behind in the third quarter to only two points,Westbrook has a whopping +14 for the quarter.In the fourth quarter, westbrook’s crazy play continued, and although the team was pushed back to double digits in the quarter, Westbrook never gave up and kept leading the team.In the last two minutes or so, Westbrook played like a superstar.He scored four straight points on two driving layups, then hit three from the right and left 45-degree angles to cut the deficit to three.In 91 seconds, Westbrook scored 10 points in a row to put the game back on the line.It’s worth noting that Hornets owner Michael Jordan was visibly upset in the stands after Westbrook’s scoring streak, and even left the crowd with the Lakers down by only one point with 16.8 seconds left, which is just how amazing Westbrook’s final play was.But the fly in the ointment was that Westbrook still couldn’t bring the Lakers a win.Lonzo Ball hit one of two free throws late in the game to give the lakers a game-winning shot, but westbrook missed the game-winning 3-pointer with his team down by two and lost the game.Westbrook scored a game-high 35 points on 12-of-23 shooting, including 3-of-7 from 3-point range, in 38 minutes and had four rebounds and five assists while committing only one turnover.Westbrook scored 30 points in the second half after scoring only five in the first half, becoming the first Laker to do so since Kobe Bryant retired.Meanwhile, the 35 points were westbrook’s most in a game this season.Westbrook had one of his strongest games of the season in a season that has been under a lot of doubt, especially in the last two minutes or so.But there were still imperfections. For one thing, Westbrook scored only five points in the first half of the game, which was the main reason why the short-handed Lakers trailed so much at halftime.The Lakers, on the other hand, were within two points in the final minutes of the game, with the ball in their possession and a chance to kill or tie the game.Westbrook made the final play, but he missed the game-winning 3-pointer, which led to his team losing the game, and many fans again questioned westbrook’s clutch shooting ability.All things considered, Westbrook was good enough for a lakers team that didn’t have much of an edge and struggled in the first half without Lebron James and Davis.The other four lakers starters combined for 22 points, and all four were below -12. Westbrook almost carried the team in the closing minutes.Westbrook, who hasn’t had much of a clutch game this season, stepped up to the plate and scored 10 straight points in 91 seconds to help his team get back in the game.In the execution of his final shot, Westbrook failed to hit a game-winning 3-pointer, but he did not hit a wave shot.Instead, it made sense for Westbrook to take his final 3-pointer after hitting his first two 3-pointers strongly, which, as westbrook himself said, he thought was entirely at his own pace.In short, westbrook showed what a franchise Titan should look like without both James and Davis.Not giving up when the team was down, leading the team to come back, taking responsibility for clutch shots and not committing too many turnovers at the end is something Lakers fans have been waiting for.With all the trade rumors swirling around him, Westbrook proved he’s still the turtle.Stay tuned to “100” for live NBA video and replay of NBA games from 1980 to the present.