The People’s Procuratorate of Pucheng County held the 2021 annual summary and Commendation Conference

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The People’s Procuratorate of Pucheng County held a commendation conference for 2021 on Feb 18, announcing its work in 2021 and assigning tasks for 2022, and commended advanced units and individuals that emerged in the past year.Party Secretary and Procurator-general Ji Hongdong attended the meeting and made an important speech.Suo Baogang, deputy chief Procurator, presided over the meeting.At the meeting, Ji Hongdong, secretary of the Party Group and Procurator-General, thanked all policemen for their unity and enterprising spirit and style of work in 2021, and congratulated the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who won the commendation!He made a comprehensive review of the achievements of the hospital in 2021, objectively analyzed the weak links in the work, and put forward specific requirements for the work in 2022: first, active procuratorial work, serve the overall situation, and fulfill the mission.In the New Year, all policemen should fulfill their mission conscientiously.Strengthen the awareness of work requirements and service requirements, closely focus on the new goals and tasks, and give play to the role of the procuratorial organs.To adhere to the party’s absolute leadership of the procuratorial work, consciously put the procuratorial work in the overall development of the county to plan and promote, give full play to the judicial rescue work, do a good job of leading the party to build, improve the quality of business, comprehensively promote the procuratorial work to achieve a new leap, for the rule of law pucheng, peace Pucheng construction contribution force.Second, we will pay close attention to business, strengthen weak links and take higher measures to improve the quality of work.Focus on 60 case evaluation indicators, face up to the gap and shortcomings, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, form supervision clues, take “quality construction year” as the main line, focus on problems, improve methods, balance the “four procuratorial” “ten business” development, to create pucheng prosecutorial brand characteristics.Third, we need to exercise strict discipline, strengthen team management and build a clean and upright procuratorial team.We will further implement the requirements for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party and the procuratorial organs, constantly improve the quality of the procuratorial organs, improve their work style, and make new progress in strengthening the procuratorial organs.We will use institutions to manage personnel, improve the scientific management of procuratorial work, pay close attention to the implementation of the Three Regulations, consolidate and deepen the achievements made in the education and rectification of the ranks, and strive to build an iron army of procuratorial work that is loyal to the Party, serves the people, enforces justice, and maintains strict discipline.At the ceremony, all police officers first watched a video of their work in 2021.Later, Liu Jianming, a member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy Procurator-general, read out the collective and individual of the hospital in 2021 which were commended by the province, city and county;Li Shenghe, a member of the CPC Leading Group and deputy Procurator-General, read out the award decision of 2021 Advanced Collective of Pucheng County People’s Procuratorate.Chang Shiping, a member of the CPC Leading Group and deputy Procurator-General, read out the Decision of 2021 Individual Award of Pucheng County People’s Procuratorate;Zhang Yujuan, full-time member of the Inspection Committee, read out the Award decision of 2021 Advanced Individuals of Pucheng County People’s Procuratorate, and Su Zhibin, deputy director of the Political Department and member of the Party Group, read out the Award Decision of 2021 Advanced Workers of Pucheng County People’s Procuratorate, and presented MEDALS and certificates of honor.After the commendation, Wang Jun, head of the discipline inspection and supervision Group of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in the People’s Court of the county, read out the responsibility for the construction of party conduct and clean Government in 2022, and Ji Hongdong, party secretary and procurator general respectively signed the responsibility letter with party members.Slide left and right view more advanced collective individual award advanced individual advanced worker slide view more sign party conduct clean government responsibility book watch the work video of 2021