Aerial shot of old Leshan snow beauty into poetry

2022-05-06 0 By

There are flowers in spring, there are months in autumn, there are cool wind in summer and snow in winter.If there is no mind, it is a good time in the world.Winter 2022 is a season with no shortage of snow and romance.Heavy snow season, people seem to have come to a quiet and elegant, crystal clear, fairy tale world, beautiful snow let the south of friends envy to die to live.But in the territory of Chushan to enjoy the magnificent scenery after the snow, only Lao Leshan.In winter, for the matter of snow, old Leshan has its unique advantages, high altitude, low surrounding, low temperature, easy to snow.And a heavy snow, can let the old Leshan instant face.Wrapped in silver, Yushu Qiongzhi, powder and makeup jade, crystal clear……See the old leshan snow scene, these laudatory words seem to be eclipsed.Standing on the edge of ruyi Lake, watching large snowflakes falling from the sky, the clouds and clouds between heaven and earth mutated into one color, silver wrapped, the old Leshan decorated particularly enchanting, such as the fairy tale world.Standing in front of the true palace, see the swirl of snow falling from the sky, the white spirit such as floc such as butterfly feather, flying, the noise, between the vast white heaven and earth covered with a crystal holy Temple of Taoism.Standing beside the Zixiaogong, in the old Leshan silvery world, the heart also seems to be purified, so that people become pure, quiet;The soul can sublimate, like ice crystal, transparent.The earth is tranquil and all things are asleep, which is a fairy tale world full of infinite reverie.Standing at the top of the old Leshan, view the distance, but see “thousands of bamboo shoots stone thousands of strains of jade, wan Shu Song luo wan yun”;See nearby, see “whirl bead curtain too powdery wall, light at willow catkin heavier than frost”.Mountains and rivers, all things in heaven and earth, a plain clothes, like a fairy, fresh and refined, do not have a charm.Some people say that old Leshan four seasons are beautiful, only the most unique snow scenery, this is true.A snow scene, let the old Leshan beauty into a painting, the United States into a poem.When we sigh at the magic of nature, we should thank the gift of nature more!See such a beautiful snow scene, suddenly thought of xue Zhiqian’s first serious snow, “the snow is so deep, so seriously, reflecting my lying in the snow scars….”Come on, friends, it’s the Spring Festival, let’s get together in Laoleshan, wait for a beautiful winter snow, meet a frozen, lost in the winter temptation together!(Source: Red Queshan Li Pu/Article Chen Mancang/photo)