Hot hot!Beijing shichahai Ice surface “People follow the crowd”

2022-05-06 0 By

Colorful Guizhou net news (this network reporter Fu Lei Li Sijin) Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be on February 4 evening grand opening.This feast of ice and snow sports not only shows strength and beauty, but also sets off a national fitness craze and drives more people to participate in winter sports.On February 3, the Beijing Shichahai Ice Rink was filled with people and echoed with laughter.Skating carts, ice bikes, speed skating…Winter sports fans shake their bodies to enjoy the fun of winter sports and make a call for the Beijing Winter Olympics.As the Winter Olympics approach, citizens’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports continues to heat up, and the rink has been fully booked as early as three days in advance, according to related staff.At the same time coincides with the Spring Festival holiday, the increase of tourists, is also one of the reasons for the “hot” Shichahai ice rink.First instance: Luo Yanan second instance: Lin Meng third instance: Wang Xingtao