How to break “Break five”?Don’t forget those things

2022-05-06 0 By

How time flies, the blink of an eye to the fifth day of the first lunar month, today is also known as “Po Wu”.According to legend, there are many taboos during the period from New Year’s Eve to the fifth day, and after “breaking five” these taboos can be lifted.But you know what?The fifth day of the first month is not taboo, there are also a lot of attention, today what customs?Come and see!The first is to welcome the God of wealth, after all, in the New Year also have to rely on the protection of the god of wealth.So, many people will open their doors at midnight on the fifth day of the first month to welcome the arrival of the god of wealth.Secondly, “send poor” because of the first to the fifth day of the first month can not take out the garbage custom, meaning “gather money”, in the face of the accumulated garbage for four days, today can finally be taken out.There are dumplings, meaning to hold the mouth of the villain, some places are also in the dumpling bag on coins, dates, etc., meaning in the New Year to let the villain shut up to good luck, sweet life.Do you understand everything?Editor: Chen Chen