Jinsha Yuefu shutdown, construction units said the arrears of 40 million!The developer said the delivery time is subject to change

2022-05-06 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Wang Yu near the house, the Jinsha Yue Fu project has stopped.Recently, the owner of jinsha Yue Fu to the peninsula reporter, according to the purchase contract, the delivery time of the new house is at the end of June this year, but since the Spring Festival site has been shutdown, no one construction.In the jinsha Lefu construction site, the reporter saw the construction site tower crane all shut down, a working worker did not.The reporter noticed that, at present, the building has been capped, but the facade has not been painted, Windows have not been installed.”I heard that the developer had delayed the wages of the workers before, and I don’t know if there is a problem with the capital chain. If we don’t resume work at this pace, the delivery of the house will certainly be delayed. If the end is rotten, there will be trouble.”Owners are concerned.(Jinsha Yuefu Project) For what reason is the jinsha Yuefu project stopped?The reporter learned from the quality department of local housing construction, the main structure of the project has been completed, the construction into the interior decoration decoration link.”As far as we know, there is an economic dispute between the developer and the general contractor, and the developer’s reply is to resume work around May Day.””The worker said.The reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Jinsha Lefu project on this matter, the other party said that the salary has been paid in full before the Spring Festival, there is no arrears of workers’ wages, and there is no dispute with the general contractor.”About 70% of the interior decoration has been completed, and the insulation of the exterior wall has been completed. Due to the weather, the painting of the exterior wall was also planned to be carried out after April 5.”The person in charge said that the resumption of work was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic, and everything would return to normal in April. The delivery time may be changed, and the purchase contract will be carried out.The project manager of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Co., LTD told the reporter that their company was the general contractor of the project in Jinsha Lefu Area B, and the workers had not paid the project payment in full by the payment date of June last year since they entered the site in October 2020.”Only part of it was settled, and there was still about 40 million yuan to be paid. Then we withdrew from the site. It is said that no new construction units have entered the site until now, but the houses in Area B have not been sold.”The person in charge said that the developer of Jinsha Lefu did not have the money to pay for the project, and the workers’ wages were not fully paid. They paid part of the project in advance. They also complained to the relevant departments, which has not been resolved so far, and the two sides are still negotiating.Jinsha Lefu another construction unit staff said the specific situation is not convenient to disclose, an insider told reporters, also involved in arrears and other problems.The reporter learned that the Jinsha Lefu is located in the east side of the Jinsha Beach, and the developer is Qingdao Yiweide Trading Co., LTD. Aiqicheck shows that Qingdao Yiweide Trading Co., Ltd. is involved in a number of commercial housing booking contract disputes.Al Jazeera will be watching.If you encounter real estate problems in your life, such as contract traps, quality problems, false publicity, delayed delivery, property inaction and so on, you can call the real estate rights hotline to contact us.After receiving complaints from the public, the reporter will investigate and assist the parties to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Real estate rights hotline: 80889624.Scan code peninsula house inspection small program, click “rights protection” button to submit news clues.