People on the fringes of Manchester United have different destinies: Martial will leave, frustrated people will be left to moan

2022-05-06 0 By

Manchester United have been plagued by internal strife since the worst days of the season saw more than 10 players declare their intention to leave the club at the winter window.Not surprisingly, before the winter window closed, Manchester United’s supermarket was already open for business.The transfer news begins with Martial, the 2015 European golden boy winner, who has been a total loss this season, starting just four times in 18 appearances for United and scoring just once.With the appointment of Rangnick, martial’s chances were limited and the two sides were still at odds over his absence from the squad ahead of the game against Aston Villa, although the facts are not known, but martial’s departure from the team is in the countdown.Marciel has flown to Seville with his agent, renowned journalist Romano confirmed.The Manchester United striker is set to join Sevilla on loan, making him the first united player to leave during the winter break.Another team seeking to leave lingard here also came to the new progress.Newcastle have made a final offer after their rivals West Ham and Tottenham hotspur were rejected by Manchester United.Sky Sports news has revealed that Newcastle are interested in signing United midfielder Lingard on loan and are willing to pay him a loan fee plus his full wages during his stay.Newcastle are now waiting for a nod from the United hierarchy to take king Lam.Another frustration at United is Dutchman Van der Beek, who has scored just one goal in 14 games for the Reds so far this season. The Dutchman is desperate to leave and move to a club where he can play, but United are adamant.Crystal Palace and Valencia are understood to be among the clubs keen to sign van der Beek on loan, but Rangnick is not keen on letting go of the Dutch midfielder.Much to van der Beek’s dismay, united did not accept any buyout option on his transfer, and the club expects van der Beek to remain with the club next season.Not allowed to leave and not allowed to play, Vanderbeek is becoming a hostage player.After the arrival of Varane, Bailly has started the season behind Maguire, Lindelof and Varane.The 27-year-old said before last year’s Europa League final that he would seek a move if he was not given the chance to start, and the Ivory Coast defender has been frustrated by the fact that bailly has started just six of his 20 games this season.Milan are said to be interested in bringing in a central defender before the end of the winter window to fill the void left by injuries to jardim Kayal and tomoli, with Bayley as their preferred target.But negotiations between the two clubs did not go well.United want Milan to cover bailly’s wages during the loan period and negotiations between the two sides have run into trouble.However, according to a milan correspondent from the football market, milan’s planned signing of nemanja razetic has already taken up the non-European player quota, making bailly, who is also a non-European player, out of the question.