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As the global digital wave surges forward, the explosive growth of online consumption driven by the epidemic brings subversive challenges and opportunities to traditional retailers.The rapid change of market consumption demand has caused the product surplus of some retail enterprises, unsalable SKU and sluggish inventory occupies the capital of enterprises at the same time, but also continuously brings the continuous expenditure of storage and logistics to enterprises……Traditional sales channels are gradually declining. Only by choosing online and offline distribution channels that fit their own business development can brand enterprises spread their products to the national market and enter thousands of households.Facing the pain points such as poor information flow, high distribution cost and weak terminal control, suppliers need a digital supply chain solution for their own business needs to reverse the development bottleneck for a long time.Through big data optimization of production relations in supply chain, Wanliniu provides enterprises with a complete solution from front end to back end, scientifically simplifies the traditional ordering process, realizes the business collaboration between suppliers, distributors and customers, opens up the core business data of the whole link enterprise, and creates an efficient and agile supply chain collaboration platform.01 Distribution mode: Bulk ordering by distributors Distributors purchase or self-pick in bulk in 1688, ordering mall and offline outlets. Distributors usually use e-commerce channels such as their own Taobao stores to realize self-purchase or complete sales in offline stores.Through the ordering of Wanliniu, enterprises can independently set up multi-level distribution mechanism, and use rich points and coupons to help enterprises cultivate customers’ long-term ordering habits.(1) The exclusive brand ordering mall of the enterprise can establish the exclusive brand image of the enterprise and improve brand awareness through the exclusive APP or exclusive small program customized by Wanliniu and the official independent mall;Wechat flow bonus easy to collect goods, anytime and anywhere community marketing promotion, mall link multi-platform one-click sharing.(2) Multi-way ordering and multi-channel payment Customers can place orders independently, which is efficient and convenient. They can also place orders on APP/PC terminal through salesmen. Wanliniu supports wechat, Alipay, UnionPay and other payment channels to provide customers with better payment experience.(3) intelligent marketing strategy, drainage retention take into account multi-level distribution mechanism + diversified promotional activities to help enterprises drainage pull new, rich points and coupons play, cultivate long-term ordering habits of customers, at the same time can set up different commission rules for different salesmen, internal employees can also help pull new.(4) Flexible control of purchase, sale and inventory, convenient inventory management based on openAPI standard + rich inventory rules, flexible control of inventory and inventory display in the mall;Through standard openAPI interface, it can timely connect with mainstream ERP software in the market to improve supply chain efficiency.02 Consignment mode: After the consumer purchases the product, the distributor purchases the product from the supplier, and the supplier directly delivers the product corresponding to the order to the consumer, realizing the consignment mode and supporting the distribution and settlement business between the supplier and the distributor.(1) One-click shop, order automatically issued through the distribution invitation TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, anytime and anywhere registration pull new;One-click distribution of goods to self-run/distribution stores, and distribution/self-run order system background real-time synchronization.(2) Unified delivery of storage orders, automatic return of single numbers, intelligent disassembly and combination of orders, less express costs, mixed orders from different platforms, automatic adaptation to various platform standards, which can effectively reduce the operation difficulty of personnel.Abnormal orders such as refund for distribution orders can be automatically suspended to avoid capital loss. After confirmation of delivery, the order number will be automatically sent back to the distribution store to reduce timely delivery and after-sales service.(3) Multi-warehouse coordinated inbound and outbound management, real-time and synchronous inventory integration of self-built warehouse, agent warehouse, cloud warehouse and other kinds of storage inventory, real-time inventory synchronization distributors, at the same time, Wanliniu orders support different distributors to configure different strategies.(4) Clear forward and reverse money flows, clear cost and profit, and differentiated settlement/account period/credit granting methods can be set for each distributor. The dual perspectives of order/capital transaction flow can be verified, and distributor performance can be counted and ranked.The digital solution of Wanliniu supply chain realizes the sharing of distributors’ control services, and provides distributors with product selection guidance and marketing suggestions through the system, so as to stimulate the potential of enterprise data and create the optimal marketing strategy.Cooperate with Wanliniu omni-channel product matrix to meet diversified business scenarios and full-link data visualization, which can not only improve the data analysis ability of enterprises, but also improve the warehouse distribution performance ability of suppliers, realize fine inventory management and effectively reduce the management cost of enterprises.It is a free intelligent mobile office platform specially created by Alibaba for global enterprises.Products used: Wanliniu ERP+ distribution module solution: Dingding has many distributors offline, mainly relying on the traditional management mode, form statistics, order delivery, low efficiency.Now the offline distribution system, price system and brand authorization management are optimized through the Ordering system of Wanliniu.Distribution orders can be centralized, unified and synchronized with WANliniu ERP, and then shipped by ERP warehouse and channel, which greatly improves delivery efficiency and avoids offline complex management and vicious channel competition.Ganggrong Food, the leader of “steamed cake” business in China, owns several well-known self-owned brands such as “Ganggrong” and “Ganggrong Steamed cake”.Products used: Wanliniu ERP+ distribution module solution: Gangrong operates a number of flagship stores on Taobao, JINGdong, Pindoduo and other platforms at the same time, and there are dozens of distribution stores throughout the network. Through wanliniu ERP unified review and processing of order delivery across the platform, and with wave distribution, 10,000 orders can be delivered every day.At the same time, through the Wanliniu distribution module, we standardize the management of distributors’ qualification audit and order processing, which helps Gangrong to easily realize an agent business, check the goods account clearly and reduce disputes, and help Gangrong to rapidly expand distribution channels.Wenya Guangzhou Wenya daily cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, is a Hong Kong business wholly owned national enterprises, its well-known brands are: Wenya, color bar, standard Beauty.Products used: Wanliniu ERP+ Wanliniu ordering solution:Wen ya have hundreds of product categories and numerous distributors, Wan Liniu wen ya was optimized distribution system, to enter all distributors information systems management, price system and brand licensing centralized success will turn to online offline resources, implement all data visualization, online help to the thorough transformation of the distribution system and upgrade.At the same time, the financial settlement between Wenya and distributors, through the wanliniu docking industrial and Commercial Bank of China easy enterprise payment system interface, realized the distribution of the transfer settlement between distributors, with the help of the perfect distribution management system to quickly help Wenya to expand distribution channels.”Doudou Mom” is an imported maternal and child chain brand, currently has 14 direct stores in Sichuan, the main business of global high-end imported maternal and child products.Products used: Wanliniu ERP+ Wanliniu ordering solution:To doug mama Wan Liniu solved the supply chain management, warehouse management and financial management problems encountered, through perfect distribution management system, realize the independent distributors order and precisely tiered pricing and flexible control, inventory management, zhang real one to one correspondence, such as business requirements, and through the data report feedback, optimizing each department staff performance management,So that the whole group can focus on the front-end business, free of worries.