Phoenix carried out a series of epidemic prevention and control work to ensure a healthy and safe Spring Festival

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Rednet moment Xiangxi January 27 news (correspondent Wang Yanren) recently, Fenghuang County to carry out a series of epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure that people live a healthy, safe Spring Festival.It is a wish of Chinese people to go home for family reunions during the Spring Festival, but COVID-19 is a big obstacle for people to return to their hometowns for the holiday.In order to ensure that the villagers can enjoy a safe, healthy and peaceful big year, Fenghuang County has carried out a series of epidemic prevention and control work.On January 21, fenghuang County Health Bureau and CDC organized the “Training on further Clarifying the Preliminary Screening positive report of Novel Coronavirus Nucleic acid test and the handling process” for all staff of Phoenix CDC, directors of all township hospitals and epidemic prevention specialists.Training requirements: “Report on every positive sign immediately”, that is, if positive nucleic acid sample is found, report in time and retest promptly as required.Within one hour of receiving the report, the COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters launched all working groups and special teams in a timely and scientific manner to quickly carry out nucleic acid testing, tracing the source of the virus, community prevention and control, and quarantine and transport within their jurisdiction.Among them, the special class of flow-regulation traceability quickly analyzes and demarcates “four key points” (discovery point, residence, work point, and activity stop point), quickly carries out flow-regulation traceability, and starts other relevant disposal processes.From January 26 to 27, Fenghuang County conducted a county-wide emergency response exercise for COVID-19 clusters during the Spring Festival.On January 26, in order to further promote epidemic emergency disposal ability, effectively cope with clustering, timely find the short weaknesses swallow the epidemic prevention and control work, the implementation of the “early prevention, early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment” measures, fenghuang county government organized WeiJian, for disease control and prevention, public security, industry and commerce departments COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control of drill.The background of the simulation of the emergency drill was that a positive nucleic acid test case was found in the County People’s Hospital, and the emergency response for COVID-19 prevention and control was carried out accordingly.Eight groups including the COVID-19 Prevention and control Department of Fenghuang County, information investigation and control group, medical treatment group, flow tracing group, nucleic acid testing group, isolation and control group, external affairs group and publicity group participated in the drill.On January 27, the drill was summarized and reported by experts from the Xiangxi CDC, so as to test the emergency plan, optimize the command mechanism, plug technical loopholes, improve the team capacity, strengthen the defense line against the epidemic, and ensure the well-being of the people during the Spring Festival.