Serviceman drives illegal, do traffic police have authority to buckle car investigate?Expert: can’t, can only report barracks

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In our country, the soldiers are very respected, they are loved by the people, because the soldiers pay is selfless, is great.They never expect anything in return for what they have done for their country and their people.It is because of the soldiers selfless pay, our country will be so stable and harmonious, the country will live a happy life.Soldiers abandon their homes for everyone, and in the face of danger, they will always be the first to rush ahead and give themselves up.What they have endured, what they have suffered, is unimaginable to ordinary people.So our country also gives our soldiers a lot of special treatment, which they deserve.In many service Windows across the country, you can see the words: Military first.But no one is perfect.Soldiers are human beings, and they make mistakes.What if a soldier makes a mistake because of a bad idea?Do the police have the right to arrest and try soldiers if they break the law?Take driving for example, if soldiers drive on the road to violate traffic rules, after being stopped by the traffic police, the traffic police have the right to deal with it?Experts say this is not a good idea.Because of the military vehicles on the road, the traffic police can not be stopped at will.In addition to involving confidential information, but also involved in the division of authority and other reasons.After the soldiers broke the law on the road, was there no one to stop them?Actually, no, traffic police can take photos and record relevant information after soldiers break the law, and then submit the evidence to the local military authorities, who will punish the soldiers involved in the violation according to the relevant military regulations.However, traffic police cannot punish them directly.In fact, even if can be punished also can not be punished, take a driver’s license for example, want to deduct points can not be deducted.Because the driver’s license of soldiers is different from that of ordinary drivers in society, their identity information is not in the public security system.So they had to take the information to the local military and let them deal with it.After receiving feedback, the battalion will send pickets to deal with the matter.There was no soldier who did not fear them, and even the general saluted when he saw the pickets.Once it is verified that there is indeed a violation of the word of discipline, punishment is naturally unavoidable.