Suitable for micro channel message page top of a small number of gentle sentences

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Even if there is a scattered, also don’t live up to meet.A good encounter, a good goodbye.Days toxic and no antidote, but a lot of painkillers.The day makes a sound, long and happy.Please don’t be happy in advance for any promise that hasn’t been realized.Don’t try so hard, the best always appear inadvertently.The wilderness is the kiss of the spring sunshine to the world.Be in someone else’s life like a gift.Happy and content, quiet and far.Life is nowhere else, the present is all. 10. Just be generous and leave gossip to ordinary people.Flowers to meet is always a super romantic thing.You see amazing, have been mediocre experience.Not busy, you say, I’m listening.Please put down your secular eyes and follow your light.Slowly understand the world, slowly update yourself.